What's going on!!

Today is 5 wks since MC started, 5 wks on Sunday since I know I definately lost my bean.

We have been trying almost straight away for another baby (sorry im abit rubbish with the abbreviations and spelling) I didnt know before when I ovulated so I didnt know now when I had.

When AF was due last time, I didnt really have any signs that it was on its way, but I knew around the timw that is was coming.

At the min, I feel nothing, Ive been feeling very tired, had some pains in tummy nothing major just like growing and aching, my boobs feel fuller a little sore but only to touch. My tummy also feels a little bloated and hard, Using the toliet alot more and before I found out last time I noticed my wee was darked and its the same now (sorry to be disgusting)

I did a cheap test last week, as CBD are expensive and I didnt want to pay alot to be disappointed as I dont know if its all in my head. The test was negative. I dont think I am going to test again until around the 1st may then it will be about 6 weeks.

Can anyone shed any light on why I am feeling like this. I keep thinking I am, but I dont think I am but I just dont know anymore.



  • are u stil waiting for your 1st AF then hun??? mine took 5 weeks exactly from wen i had my ERPC... it can take 4-6 weeks though hun so i would say wait until the 6 weeks.. test again.. if not then maybe trip to the doctors just to explain.. some people dont have AF for 8 weeks after miscarriage!! it really does mess our bodies up!! im pretty much in the same boat as you!! as you read from my thread feeling strange.... just waiting till next week cos i dont want to test early! good luck hun! image xxx
  • Yeh will be my first AF. I ure thread, I hope you get the news you want image and a sticky sticky bean.

    We go on holiday on the 3rd only to a Haven site, so Im hoping AF doesnt arrive on holiday, as I am really worried about this one. Im scared to wear my white pants in case it arrives.

    I wish something would happen, this last 5 weeks have gone sooo slow. I feel like I am going back in time at the min.

  • i know what you mean!! its horrible cos preg symptoms and af symps are pretty much the same so your either pregnant or af is on the way! like i sed giv it until 6 weeks... hoping it doesnt arrive on your holiday!! baby dust to ya image xxx
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