My tummy is tender

Is this normal?

I don't remember it being after my last mc but that was 14 years ago!!

I feel like i've been kicked there, well i'm only guessing as i've never been kicked or punched in the tummy before but i can imagine.

It hurts when i cough, sneeze and when you slightly push to have a number 2.

Anyone else had this?

[Modified by: Lampiekat on 25 March 2010 21:59:30 ]


  • hi Lampiekat,

    Hope you are okay hun,

    when we mc in nov is wasnt so much my tummy that was tender but a little lower down then sore for a while.

    if it continues to hurt you should give the doctor a quick ring just to be on the safe side,

    hope it gets better soon

    x x x
  • I agree.. you should defo get it checked out if it continues.... Did you have a EPRC done?
    Hope you get better...
  • i had a d&c after my mc in feb and for about a weeks after i had a very tender abdomen. i was taking painkilers regularly for the week and it got to the point where i thought i may have an infection as it was so sore and not getting any better. i gave myself until after the weekend for it to improve and if it hadnt i was going to see the doctor again - luckily it did get better though.

    how long ago was ur mc? do u think it may be an infection? have you got a temperature or anything? get urself checked out by the doctor if you're worried. xxx
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