I think...

I think I can start TTC again......

I MC On 20th Fed and the bleeding has stopped (YAY) and I just did a preg test (cos i'm so impatient that I wanted to see what it said) and I think it was Neg, either that or there was the absolute faintest line and I had to strain to see it but i'm not 100% convinced it was there at all, so i'm going to do another one in a couple of days when hubby is here to see and then we can start TTC again!!!!!! I've got my ov tests at the ready and i'm raring to go!

Hows everyone else getting on?

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  • YAY! I found that time so frustrating bleeding and waiting for BFN grrrrrr
  • Good luck with everything...... wow you have had a quick recovery. Hope everything goes to plan for you. I had my MC on the 4th of Feb and I have just today got to the point were we can start TTC again. Going to wait till the weekend to start again just to make sure that everything is fine. Good luck hun hope we get some BFP together x
  • Thanks guys image Going to do a CBD test at the weekend I think to make sure its Neg (as i'm sure my eyes play tricks on me with the faint lines or no lines etc.. at least digital it tells you straight) and then get on the ov tests - cos apparently if you don't def have a neg preg test, it can give you a false pos on the ov test.

    Fingers crossed we'll all get our BFP together soon image
  • Mrs Owen thats great news!! I am waiting for my bleeding to stop but i think I am nearly there (i hope so!!) Still having positive pregnacy tests which I find really upsetting. I cant wait to get to your point. I had my ERPC on 13th Feb so hopefully nearly there now. Good luck, fingers crossed you'll be seeing a BFP soon

  • Yeah!!!! Pleased to hear your bleeding is over. Good luck this month!
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