ladies i need your help :(

hey all, sorry to moan but feeling a bit crap, OH told me he didnt want to ttc this month as i have had a lot of anger the last few months and i know its due to my two mc but im not sure he understands that. i am going for anger management and its going great, not been angry for 15 days now and he says its like he has the old me back! i just live in hope that he changes his mind for next month but ihave a feeling he wont.

i keep using my cbfm so i can keep track of myself and when i got my peak i was so sad, why am i even doing it??!! i cant bear the heartbreak i am feeling and cant tell him as it only makes him feel guilty. i just long for a child so much and no we would make great parents but he says he wants to wait. i cant bear to be around anyone i know that i pregnant or just had a baby, it makes me want to cry.

i hate the way im feeling i suppose its selfish of me, i just wish sooooo much that he would change his mind. he says he still wants a baby just as much as he did when we were trying but he just wants to be sure i wont be angry again, but what does he expect, i have had a difficult few months, we both have.

sorry for the rant girls it just feels so nice getting it out of my system!!

babydust to you all ***
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