How do you resist the urge to test?

ARG! All I can think about is testing, even though I know testing early is the devil's work. I think cos I am stuck in the house that it's all I can think about!

Anyone got any tips for how to resist the urge to test early?


  • Same here stuck in house & dying to test LOL!!!

    Luckily for me I have no tests in the house!!

    We had a thread like this last year in ttc was really good.
    Things to do:

    Organise DVD/CD in alphabetical order

    All boring I know LOL
  • Most of us don't! Pee on an ov stick instead that has sorted me out a few times :lol:
  • or tell ur self u can buy urself a pressie IF u manage to hold out til ur testing date!!! xx
  • Snarf - already done washing and housework! I MUST be desperate! Also just went for a little walk in the snow.

    I could pimp my cv I suppose, or finish one of those crochet projects I started over Chrimbo........but I can't brain today, I have the dumb!

  • Ooooooo, a present, good idea! Might start surfing the net now!
  • I tried surfing the net ended up comparing hpt prices!!!!
  • Ha ha that sounds like something I would do! I'm thinking of a nice piece of jewellery. Not too expensive mind, cos if this gets to be a regular habit I will be broke quickly!
  • Thats nice im just gona stick to the pg tests LOL.

    If I need them next cycle I promise to be good & wait but I really cant bear this!!

    Now im deciding wether to pop down the high street when oh gets in or wait till tomorrow as I need to pop out into town & pick up something & go to the bank, would make more sense waiting till tomorrow I suppose
    this is not a good look really is it!! x
  • How far is Superdrug? Sorry, not really trying to talk you out of it am I? Do you have anything else you can poas on to keep you going, like Socks suggests?
  • Live here, they closed almost the entire town centre because of the snow :P No boots, superdrug or any of the others are open yesterday and probably today as well. image Saves from buying any hpt. I find a lot of new cbd and fr on ebay though for a lot cheaper than in the shops. (unless there is a bogof offer)

    To prevent from testing early (I only test in the morning) I hide the container I pee in. Never think about it during the day and in the morning I can't find it quick enough. I also trying to keep myself busy, be around others. (never test whilst at someone elses house :P)
  • Nah nothing!! I've got a box of cbfm ov tests but it's a new pack for when I use it next (if I have too!! PMA)
    It's not to far driving, I think the main roads are ok now. OH is quite far still tho, I said I need to pop out if he gets home before they close which was ok cause he wants me to go halfords as well for the car!! x

  • you guys are AWFUL!!!!! Did you go out Laujai?
    Breihlin i buy mine too from ebay and order them at the end of the 1ww so that they take a few days to arrive! xx
  • I am bad, have 4 cbd, 2 fr and a tesco own in the house plus some cheepies. Hoping I can prevent testing till the 20th. Cause not even sure that is when af is due. But need my mind on something else.
  • That is so clever Breighlin and Rocky - if they are in the postal system you can't test! Genius.

    Have you gone to Superdrug then Laura?

    I did think of giving mine to hubby to hide, a la Gemgems, but I doubt he would hide them very well. Either that or he wouldn't be able to remember where he hid them when the time came to test!!

    Perhaps I could teach myself how to ebay - that would keep my mind off it for a bit!

    All this talk of hpt's has made me decide to go to Superdrug tomorrow!!
  • Yes yes I admit it I did it I went to superdrug & got 2 double boxes for ??8.00!!!!!

  • ooh that's the offer I got at the weekend, I've used 3 of mine already - oops. I see m+s has already considered my way. I was awful for early testing before I started doing that, Nlow I'm just paranoid testing!!
  • I know it's bad but if im gona get back into this then gota do it right & that means 1 cycle at least of SS & early testing!!

    If I need to nxt cycle then i'll be good cause i'll start my cbfm again so i'll have that to keep me going for the month, I cant beleive I havent used it since June!!! x
  • Snarf I went to Superdrug too today! I bought the same ones as Laura. I bought 2 packs (4 tests), so that combined with my freebies and my previous sticks takes me to a total of 11 pg tests!!

    I can't believe how cheap they are in Superdrug! I was so tempted to stock up on them but thought I might look a bit mentalist!!!
  • LOL, freebies?? nice, did I miss something somewere!!

    I took my SD this morning was -ve but in a hour had a very very faint line so have to ignore it LOL!! xx
  • I got five freebie test strips with my Zestica spray. Supposedly you are able to test 7 days before your period. I have stayed FAR FAR away from them!!
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