Is it too early !!

Its four weeks since my MC. I bled for about 5 days and had a negative test after 2 weeks.

I have actively been trying for a baby since MC, I know some ppl advise to wait for at least one AF.

Some day's I think my AF is due and some days I think its no where near coming. I just dont know how I feel. I have had tummy cramps and just though these could have been AF pains. But I didnt really suffer from AF pains before.

I also dont think I feel preg, although I cant actually remember early signs last time. I just wondered if its too early to do a test, as its only been 4 weeks since AF?


  • No harm in testing hun but if its neg and af dont show test again later and if not theres always next month! I did waht you did but i didnt catch in the first month this is the 2nd month and so far no show of the whitch but im not getting too excited yet as i have been stressed! x
  • Hey, thank you for your reply.

    Ive done a test today and it was negative image
  • like angelkisses said theres always next month hun.. its onli been 4 weeks so u do need time for your body 2 recover.. like u i started trying like 4 5 days after my ERPC and AF arrived exactly 5 weeks after the op. you'l get there so dont feel down about it hun image xx
  • Hey Suze,

    Some girls have said that first af can take 6-7 weeks after mc.

    Sorry it was a bfn on your test xx
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