Hi everyone,
Hope you're all good, nice to see some BFPs.

I tested yesterday (day 29, I am usually 28-30 days cycle, although first one after ERPC was 31 days).

Got the faintest line with a predictor pregnancy test. So today bought Clear Blue Digital....Not Pregnant.

I still haven't come on.

Do you think it was a chemical pregnancy?


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  • Hi huni,

    Maybe the CB is not as sensitive as other tests.

    MrsH xxx
  • Hi hun, CBD's are nowhere near as sensitive as most of the other tests. It could possibly have been a chemical pregnancy but give it a few more days and test again.

    Have my fingers crossed it's a shy bean for you xx
  • Thanks girls. Last time I was pg it came up almost straight away (I tested at the same time last time too), today it waited ages before telling me I'm not.

    I will wait a few more days (which is hard! lol) and try again if I haven't come on.
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