got a bit of news........BFP!!! X

Hi ladies

I'm using my phone so apologies for the spelling mistakes x

I hope this doesn't upset anyone, but you've all been such a tremendous support to me over the last 4 months that I had to tell u guys x

I've just done a FR and got a BFP!!! I'm shocked, happy, pertrified, excited, nervous, and more!!!!! I'm praying that this one is for keeps . I just want to go to sleep and wake up at 17 weeks pregnant as that's when it all went wrong last time. I'm happy that this time I will be under consultant care so I'm got to be postive bean x

This was our 2nd official month of trying but the 1st month of losely followingthe SMEP (without ov sticks) and a using zestica (spray ??9.99 amazon)

For the last week n a bit I've been having cramping and more cm, I haven't really properly felt sick yet - but I don't care if I'm sick as a dog for the next 8 months

From my lmp I make my edd 11th dec, which is also my late nanas bday- so I'm sure she's going to be watching
over me and bean

Ooooo nearly forgot to say- I had a dream last week that I saw the two lines come up, I saw a physic on tues (usually don't believe n just went as a girly night out) well for my angel cards 2 cards that I picked were linked - one was a Easter/fertility card and the other was a dream card!!! Spooky!!!

Sorry I'm rambling now!

I'm not ready to join another forum so will stick around for a bit if that's ok x

Thank u all again for being there for me and I have my fingers firmly crossed that u get ur bfp's very soon x x.

Iove purple bubbles

X x x

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  • Aww huni that is the best news, congrats!!

    think I need to invest in some zestica image

    Lots of love MrsH xxx
  • Massive congratulations, so happy for you. Hope you have a happy and healthy 9 months, look forward to the best Christmas present you could ever have x
  • arrrrrgggghhhh!!! been waiting for this! so so happy for you chick. Huge congratulations, i will be stalking you in due in december!!! yay xxx
  • Congratulations

    Lots of sticky bean dust xx
  • congrats!!! have a happy 9 months image lots of sticky dust image xxx
  • yayyyyyyy!!! congratulations hun, that's fab news!! and such a special EDD, I'm sure your nana will be a special guardian angel for this little bean xx
  • That's great news!!!! Lots of babydust to you. Zxx
  • congratulations!!!!
  • yay!!! congrats purple!!!!! i hear ya on the scaried, excited, wish you could wake up later on thats the same way i feel!!! *hugs*
  • Wow huge congratulations hunnie!!! See you over in DID!!!!! image And my EDD is also the 11th!!! x x x x x
  • I am soooo pleased to see this!!! This will be the one!!!! Look after yourself sweetie and enjoy preparing to be a mummy!!!
  • Thats great news hun hope your ok and lots of sticky baby dust to you xxx
  • fab news! I'm so pleased for you honey. chucking stacks of sticky baby dust your way xx
  • Hey purplebubbles!!!!
    This is fantastic news my dear!!! wishing you all the vry best. Great to hear your getting consultation care this time around...
    Wishing you a very happy and healthy 9 months!
  • thank you thank you thank you for all of your replies and best wishes,

    it still hasnt sunk in yet, and I think because of what happening last time we're being a lot more cautious instead of running off to baby shops and having a look.

    I've just booked a doctors appt for tomo, so slowly I think it will start to sink in - but we've still got a long way to go yet.

    thank you again ladies for all of your support,

    Hope you are all okay, and I'm praying that bfp's are just around the corner for you all (I want some friends to come and join me in DiD pretty please) x x x
  • Big Congratulations sweetie you so deserve it x x x Senga :\)
  • Congrats sweets. H&H 9 months xx
  • aww congrats!!
    ive just moved house and havnt got the internet at the mo so havnt had chance to catch up with everyone, but the first thing I have seen when ive just logged on (at work - naughty!) is this, and i'm really happy to see that good things are happening to those who deserve it!! xxx
  • sorry im bumping this up again - but just wanted to say thank you to your replies. THAN YOU!!!

    Sian - we moved house a month ago so its true what they say - new house new baby! fingers crossed for you hun x

    have a lovely weekend all,

    x x x
  • Congratulations!! I'm so pleased for you. Haven't loggesd on for a while, so sorry i'm a bit slow here. Wishing you a healthy and happy 9 months xx
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