having a little time out x x x

hi ladies,

sorry I havent been posting much, Im struggling a bit atm and havent got any motivation.

going to have a little be holiday

hope you're all okay - and when I return im looking forward to seeing lots of BFP's!!!!

x x x

big hugs and baby dust to you all

x x x


  • aww hun i have my days too image keep your chin up. hopefuly when your back you may have some news yourself image hugs and baby dust 2 u too
  • hope like laura you come back with good news!
    have a good break xxxx
  • Sorry to hear your are still struggling, hope things pick up for you soon

    Take care

  • Sorry to hear how you are feeling at the mo. Take care of yourself. Zxx
  • Take as long as you need hun, I found it helped me loads.

    Lots of hugs

  • Sorry to hear you're feeling like this, hope the break helps you. Take care xx
  • Hi PB

    Completley understand how you feel sweetheart, you know were we all are & when you come back after a nice break hope you have some good news to share xxx
  • Hi hun

    Sorry to hear you're a bit flat. Have a big HUG and take care of you xxxx
  • Hey Purp,

    You will be missed but you are doing the right thing, giving yourself some R&R.

    Don't be away too long, hope you get your BFP soon!! xxx
  • thank you all for your kind messages - you are all superstars, and I dont know how I would have got through these last 4 months without you,

    I had a hosp appt yesterday, so feelng a lot more confident about next time. Got a few milestones coming up which I think are going to hit me hard, but we're get there, so probably wont be around too much.

    hope you all okay,

    lots of love


    x x x
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