Finally got around to doing it....feels like closure now

Finally today I got around to posting back my maternity prescription excemption card- ever since it arrived a few days after my ERPC its been tucked next to the bread bin hiding for me to deal with it. Finally today on my first day of the summer holidays (i'm a teacher) I put it in a envelope and sent it back. It feels now like closure on my MMC and I can move on.
Posiitively I am ovulating...I have EWCM (sorry TMI) and ovulation pains so now just need to BD! Only thing is OH wants me to loose a bit of weight before we TTC properly again as I suffered with horrendous back pain during last pregnancy ( i had prolapsed disc and could hardly walk, took 3 hrs of agony to get myself dressed some days ). and my logical mind tells me it is sensible to not be overweight before pregnency and it will help me in the long run to loose a bit of weight and I know OH is only looking out for me and doesn't want me in tears with agony again....however my heart tells me to TTC now. and back seems fine will just have to ensure OH can't resist ;\)

Anyway a bit of a pointless post.....I'm off work and trying to not get addicted to BE!

Hope your all ok
Take care
Sue x


  • Well done you!! It is a huge step!!

    I couldn't do mine until last month when thought I was pg, only sent it back as was convinced I'd be reapplying within weeks, sadly not the case tho!!

    And good for you about the weight loss, if you can make yourself as healthy as you can then you're giving yourself the best chance of concieving and carrying a healthy baby. Plus it may take your mind off ttc? for 5 mins anyway if you're anything like me!!

    Sounds all v positive! Have a great summer hol!! xx
  • Well done you... I chickened out and made my OH take mine back to the Drs for me.
    As per my previous posts this has been my first month after 1st AF but really dont think i ov'd this month (no symptoms) so i have bought some tests for next month.... trying to stay positive though image
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