Crimbo babies! anyone want one as an xmas gift?... 8 BFPS!

... i know i would love one! So figured (as an attempt to boost my PMA as i'm now def out for this month and also cus i've been on here 7 months and haven't had a go at this yet!!! lol) that i would start the march beans list!

Anyone joining me? image

joB81 ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...Testing - 11 March ... ... ... BFP!
xxkylesmumxx ... ... ... ... ...Testing - 14 March... ... ... BFP!
Laujai... ... ... ... ... ... ... .. Testing - 15 March ... ... ... BFP!
gussie ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Testing - 18 March (ish)... .. BFP!
purplebubbles ... ... ... ... Testing - 29 March... ... ... BFP!

yummymummy1989 ... ... .. Testing - 2 April
Shyro ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Testing - 3 April
Sugar 'n' Spice ... ... ... ... Testing - 4 April ... ... ... BFP!
Mafia Princess ... ... ... ... ... Testing - 4 April
littlewolf ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Testing - 4 April ... ... ... BFP!
Seraphina ... ... ... .... ... ... Testing - 5 April
**rainbow** ... ... ... ... ... .. Testing - 6 April ... ... .. BFP!
Muffin34 ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Testing - 15 April
Baby On Board... ... ... ... .. Testing - 15 April ... ... BFP!
Huni ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... .. Testing - 18 April (ish)... BFP!
babysteps... ... ... ... ... ... .. Testing - 24 April
3054 ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Testing - 25 April
BabyLuv ... ... ... ... ... ... . Testing - 28 April
yummymummy1989... ... .. Testing - 30 April
Rocky_Kiz... ... ... .... ... .... NO IDEA! :\?

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  • Soooooooo shouldn't reply to this as I'm not actively ttc because I can't take the pressure but in answer to your qn, yes, me, me, ME..... No testing date, no idea when af is but I want a baby so much despite knowing I couldn't cope with another loss right now I'm hoping bfp'll just creep up on me and stay put this time image fingers crossed for all x
  • Me please!!! I will not be greedy this year and if I get my BFP I will be happy with just one present for Christmas!!

    Testing 18th March!!! Bring it on!
  • Good idea Rocky! Well, I've never put my name on the list before, but in the hope that it brings me luck, put me down for the 19th March please as an estimate.

    PMA all the way...!!!
  • Me please, think I am due to test around the 4th March (Isay think, as my body has been totally up the creek since my 4th mc in nov!)

    Good luck and lots of baby dust to all of us yet to get lucky!! xx
  • Me me me!!! I want one please?! Could you put my test date down as 11th March? Thank you xxx
  • Could you please add me. Would love to be in due in nov as thats when i was supposed to have my little angel last year..testing 14th march

    Thankyou annette x
  • Me me me! AF has finally arrived today, so going by the cycle before last I should be testing on March 29th. Now I think about it, that means I should be ovulating over Mother's Day weekend, which this year is also MIL's birthday, who passed away 5 years ago, so a BFP this cycle would be very special indeed,

    Good luck to all of us, ladies!

    Hannah xx
  • Me please!!!!

    It is all I want for Christmas!!

    I will be testing around 17th March.

    Good luck to us all

  • ooo me!!! I'm testing around the 16th March and it's my first month using the CBFM so fingers and toes crossed!

    Good luck everyone xx
  • Can u add me please?? I know i dont post here much but hope thats ok....should of had my first LO last november too image Not too sure of my testing date yet tho cos i've just had a really long cycle.

    Good luck to u all xxx
  • Please add me too x.
    I have no idea of dates and probably shouldnt be asking as it is only 9 days since my mc but would very much like an extra special christmas pressie image
    Good luck and baby dust to each and every one of us xx
  • I would love a very extra special present!! being that my AF was so crazy this last cycle im going for testing march 18th (ish) as im on cd9 and im normally 31cd's (taking this last month out?) i ordered my cbfm today should be here in 3-4days! so excited im hoping that sence i ordered it and cant use it this cycle as im past cd5 that i wont need it, and will be getting my bfp this cycle! ( wishful thinking i know (: )
    good luck too all of us! love you all! dont know what i wouldve done without you all!! *hugs* kari
  • ooh me me me! I promise to be such a good girl if I can have an extra special xmas present this year!

    I think I ov'd at the weekend (waiting for FF to confirm the temp rise) but assuming I did I'll be testing on the 4th March. Can you add me to the list?

    Oh Kazzie - we're testing buddies- yeah!

    baby dust and buckets of PMA to everyone
  • Hey all, sorry only had a quick few mins last night so updated the list. Pickle don't be silly course you can be added! it's hard to find enough hours in the day sometime! Will update the rest of you now image,

    Hope everyone is OK, proper CD! today so PMA a bit lacking, but know i should be fine in a day or 2. Month 8 ttc for me. GGRRRRRRR.

    ********Baby Dust, super sticky stuff, for us all********
  • Sorry she got you Rocky. We are not trying this cycle although felt happy with that last night am a little disapointed it means adding another month onto the whole thing!!! Cause of the way my cyde is I may be able to make a xmas pud after this cycle as if I had conceived this cycle baby wouldve been due end of Oct so hopefully there will still be time for me.

    Good Luck everyone else & I really hope im not far behind you all xx
  • Thanks hun, i did work out that we're only infact going on to our 6th cycle of ttc after the mc cus i had longer cycles straight after and the first 3 were all a bit random with my silly body doing stupid things, but i'm not sure if that makes it any better!

    Are you not ttc this one because of your trip tot he states? That must be really hard to deal with emotionally hun, but it's very brave and mature too cus you're thinking of the 'right' reasons and not just doing it cus u want 2. if that makes sense!!!

    Think we've got a couple of dates that are joint this time round! although mine could be set to change depending on ov, will have to see what my cbfm tells me! lol

    has anyone else found that in the early stages of post mc they found it hard but then it got easier but then they found it tough again? I'm not sure if it's because a couple of friends have announced their preg's or what. i keep getting this longing feeling which i've never experienced in the way that i imagine holding a tiny, newborn, my tiny newborn and what it'll feel and smell like and then i just feel this horrid heavy feeling inside image sorry that sounds really depressing i dodn't mean it to be!!! xxx
  • Thanks Rocky
    Yes oh would feel happier that I wasnt pg whilst away as too many coincidences with flying & when we went to Egypt last year & I was pg him, my mum & dad were just worried about me the whole time!! So it makes sense to be sensible dont want to risk losing another if we were lucky enough to conceive.

    I totally get that feeling hun when one min you feel ok then the nxt that longing but empty feeling inside. I think there are a number of things that contribute & other pg's are just horrible reminders to us that we are still not pg!! I too imagine the whole lot, being pg with a bump, labour, holding bubs, etc, I try to look at it as positive visualisation!!

    Also get sad for oh too on Sun we went out for a family meal & he was holding our nephew & says "I want one" My heart broke for him cause I havent been able to give hime one yet!!!

  • hey can u add me in for 5th march please...i know i will prob cave in and test earlier than that, but oh well!!
    good luck to everyone this month! what a great xmas pressie it would be! xxx
  • all added sian, like it - think most of us do but it's good to have a date down and the moral support from everyone else!

    aw laujai, i just think it's nice that he can show the emotion like that, my hubby used to say similar things about a friends little boy when he was tiny and thats when we first talked about ttc etc, obviously that was about 2 years ago now though! It's not soley down to you though hun so i hope ur not beating urself up about it! xxx
  • Hi,

    Can you add me please af due 18th march but LO's birthday so will test 20th - also cycle was 36 days last month so just hope it goes back to normal.
    Thanks xx
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