when can i start?

im a little bit confused when to ttc after mc ? how long do you have to wait and is there any precautions to take..


  • Well Kay I have had lots of different advice on this one. The nurse at the hospital told me I could start ttc whenever I felt ready, my GP said four months and a doctor at the Gyny clinic said 2 - 3 cycles. My mum was told to wait 6 months after her mc (although that was in the late 70's). I think it is a generally accepted rule that most medical people will say to wait one cycle for dating purposes. But lots of ladies start trying straight away. I really think that it is up to you. For my part I waited for a bit (long story) and am about to start ttc now, after my next af. It was the right decision for me cos I have had time to recover physically and emotionally. But it's really up to you I think.

    Not sure if that really helped - I suppose what I'm trying to say is that there doesn't seem to be any hard and fast rule for when to start trying again, it's mostly to do with personal choice.

  • thank you hun really sorry for your loss . i had mine 3weeks ago.hope your ok xxx im just very confused as i got told by one gp wait 1-2 cycles.another gp said you dont need to wait just when your ready. and that the waiting for a cycle is just for dating. while at hospital one doc said theirs no need to wait and the other said one cycle
  • You can start whenever hun, they sau to wait for one AF for dating mainly but also to give your body chance to recover but a lot of us find/found it gives us something to focus on - it def helped me! It's only if u were further along you have to give your body more time to heal as it goes through a lot more xx
  • doc at hosp told me that when hCG was back to normal it was safe to try again. if you didn't have hCG bloods, then I guess that would be when you got a negative on a sensitive hpt.
  • Sorry to hear about your loss. I was told one cycle too but for dating purposes x
  • I had a miscarriage 6 weeks ago and was really confused about when to start trying. I wanted to have a period before getting pregnant but I have PCOS and I didn't know how long that would take. In the end we just decided to let nature take its course and I had a positive test on Monday. I was really surprised but the GP said it was quite common because women are extra fertile after a miscarriage. She reassured me its totally fine and they onlt like you to wait for one cycle for dating purposes. They are just dating me from the miscarriage instead. When your body is ready it'll happen. I'm so happy and terrified at the same time. I think its going to be a bit of a rollercoaster this time!
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