How long after D&C did you ......

...... get a negative on a HPT?

I was just wondering as we are going to ttc straight away but want to get a BFN first so not to get my hopes up if I get a BFP.
I was 9 weeks pregnant and only had D&C last monday so dont want to waste money on tests too early.

Thanks xxx


  • I used some ebay cheepies to test every other day. I got a negative result on them at about 2.5 weeks after the erpc. Than I waited half a week longer and did a FR to make sure it was negative. The ebay cheepies don't work very well for me, but it did not feel like wasted money using them to check if the lines got fainter.

    If you only want to do it once I would wait at least two weeks before testing and that might still be a bit early.
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