Finally, some good news!

went to see a proper GP today instead of some silly nurse and i'm having bloods taken Friday am! yay! she totally got my concerns and why and is going to run lots of diff hormone checks and also for PCOS (even though i'm really sure that that's fine cus of my cbfm i seem to be ov'ing every month, touching wood right now! and hoping that i'm right!!!) so this will totally put my mind at rest! and depending on the results of this we spoke about some other checks etc and future actions if nothing happens in the next couple of months. March is month 8 since mmc and i conceived the 1st proper month we tried last time ;-( but am feeling much better and v v v glad i went today because you have to be at a certain stage in your cycle and i am exactly there so it means i don't have to wait until next month! yay! sorry for ramnling it's just so nice to find that PMA again! image xxxx


  • Thats good to hear. It just helps so much when someone inderstands,and is willing to help. Hope all your test results come back ok xx
  • yey really good news image hope results are ok!
  • That's fab news hunny, really pleased for you

  • That's fab news hunni, glad things are moving for you.

  • fab news Rocky! I'm going to my GP's on Friday so I hope some of your good fortune rubs off on me and I have a sympathetic GP too!!
  • great news Rocky x glad you're getting looked after and that your PMA is up, keep it going hun.

    x x x
  • aw thanks guys, i won't get the results for at least a week so that'll be friday 12 at the earliest so probably not til 15/16 which means we'll already be into our peak time/2ww for this month but will def set my mind at rest, she was really really helpful and so lovely, i'm def seeing her again about all things ttc related!

    Good luck littleb! xxx
  • Thats great news Rocky_kiz, good luck for the results

  • thanks Rocky! I think your good news did rub off as I have just got back from seeing my GP and she has agreed to refer me for investigations! hooray!! she said I've to have a whole range of bloods done including day21 bloods (which I told her would be a waste of time as I have never ov'd before day 37, let alone day 21, but I guess a negative result adds some strength to our case! hubby has to have SA done too.

    I was a bit thrown though as I was speaking to her about the miscarriage and I became really tearful. Its been a while since that has happened and I've spoken to other people about it and been ok. I think I was feeling anxious about the appt and it all got a bit much.

    anyway, I feel much more optimistic and its set me perfectly for the weekend!
  • yyyayayyy! thats good news hun. yeah our next step will be sending my oh to have an SA done but we're going to wait a month or 2 yet, fab news all round xx
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