Still waiting !!

I am still waiting for my AF to arrive it is over 5 weeks now since natural MC had Negative test after 2 and a half weeks.

I am going on holiday next monday for 4 nights and I am so hoping it doesnt arrive then.

I did a test on Friday which was Negative, it was only a cheap test but still was Negative. I just want to know what is going on :\? .


  • wait til 6 weeks then go back to doctors hun.. but like i said in another post it can take even up to 8 weeks!! hope it arrives soon though! xx
  • I just want to be back to normal then I can try and forget about everything.

    I just hope something isnt wrong.

  • im sure theres nothing rong its jus a big change your bodys going through!! mine was 5 weeks from the ERPC but i was told could be 4-6 weeks even 8 weeks... its frustrating but it will turn up eventually! u can stil ttc image xx
  • I know I supppose Im just wishing the time away.

    I hope you get some exciting news this week. I am looking forward to your post.

  • thanks hun image.. if my very bloated stomach turns out not to be from my uterus stretching due to pregnancy then im goin on a serious diet!!!! lol! x
  • lol, lets hope a diet isnt needed image x
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