I need your help

Hi Ladies,

I hope you don't mind me posting here-I know you ladies are lovely and a mine of information.

I got a BFP last Saturday. Continued to get positive tests all week. I was concerned that the CBD never went past 1-2 weeks, but tried not to worry. I should be now approaching the 5 week mark. Yesterday I started getting quite bad pain but mainly in my lower back.It was an extremely strange feeling so I rang NHS direct and spoke to a dr who basically said they weren't too concerned about ectopic with the pain being mainly in my back and to see what happened.

Today the pain is still there-it is mostly on the right side but not in my ovaries or lower tummy-it's lower back, hip and top of my leg. I do often get pain in the top of my legs with my period. I have took another test and it was BFN so I am guessing whatever's happening isn't good. I rang the dr back and spoke to another one who was extremely insensitive and just said there is no reason to suspect miscarriage (yeah apart from the negative test and pain of course) and to just 'relax and enjoy myself'.

I know if things are going the way I think they are then there isn't anything that can be done. But I am slightly concerned about this pain I am having. If it was ectopic would I have got a BFN today??

Can anyone help?

Joy xxx


  • Hi Joy,

    i am so sorry you are having this worry. If I were you I would go to your epu and ask them to give you a check up. They can test the hcg in your blood which is so much more accurate than urine tests.

    I had an ectopic in September and I had no symptoms except very early bleeding. When I had treatment I had what can only be described as tugging pain on my left side.

    What a stupid dr telling you to relax, some of them are just complete idiots and relaxing is the last thing you'll be able to do. I would go down to the epu to give you answers.

    Huge hugs and we're all here for you x x x

  • Thank you so much MP- I was hoping you would be on here actually (if that doesn't sound too stalkery!) because I have read how supportive and knowledgable you are.

    I am now reassured it's not ectopic, it certainly doesn't seem that way from what I have read. I don't know what to think really, hugely confussing. This morning I was 99% convinced I was miscarrying and now, although I am aware it is a definate possibility...well, it's not over itll it's over I suppose.

    I will definately go to the EPU or my own doctors as soon as I can. They have recently closed the maternity section of my hospital so I will have to find out where there is an EPU and if I can go without a referal. Your right about the doctor-I think she could tell I wasn't impressed by my icy tone! I mean 'enjoy myself?!' yeah this is my idea of a great Easter weekend :roll:

    Thanks again hun,

  • Not stalkerish at all! There's not too many people on here who've had one.

    People's hcg varies massively and when I first went to epu they told me that i had a mc and then the tests kept getting stronger and the epu didn't seem too bothered about that.

    "Enjoy yourself" is just a joke and i'd complain about that. Definitely go and get some reassurance and i've got everything crossed your little bean is getting all nice a snug in there x x
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