quick question about pregnancy test

When you get a faint line your pregnant..................

what if you get a dark line does that mean you are further into the pregnancy, i thought this is an intresting question to ask?????????????????


  • You could be a bit further along but it measures the hcg in your urine & some women can produce different levels at different stages.

    E.g. My 1st pg I didnt get a positive test till I was 8 wks this was a strong positive.

    My 3rd pg I tested at 3+5 & got a strong positive plus a 1-2 weeks on CBD with afternoon pee.

  • I have been a bit obsessive since I got my bfp last week and tested quite a lot coz I'm scared of it disappearing. lines have got progressively darker for each type of test. but the darkness between types is very variable even from the same pot of pee!
  • Just goes to show every test is different including the amount of dye they have in them. xx
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