I am back with some good news...:)

Hi ladies

Well after testing last week and getting faint line then BFN Fri, I was not going to test until this Fri but I have a few tests in the house and I could not help myself so I tested today and got a faint line couldn't quite believe it so tested again and another faint line so tested will another brand and yep another line(darker this time) so I think I may be pregnant image

I am so scared and still in shock but I have three tests which are all BFP

I will not relax until 12 weeks and I see beany wriggling on the screen

I want to thank all you lovely ladies after my MC I do not know what I would off done with out this site.

I have no clue on my EDD as I have had no AF since MC 6 weeks ago,will book a docs app this week.

BabyDust to you all lovely ladies

Gem xxx


  • Congrats huni image I wish you all the best. I got pregnant the week after my miscarriage. So to be showing faintly on a test you must be about 4-5 weeks image the hcg should double every 2nd day. I was manic with my testing in the first few weeks lol x
  • Congratulations hun - can't be wrong if you've got 3 BFP'S - Big hugs chick - hope you have a very happy and health 8months!!xxx
  • Woohooo....you are our first BFP for August .....I had a good feeling about it the other day : -)
    I know exactly what you mean about not feeling relaxed until 12 weeks - this is perfectly normal to feel this and half of the reason as to why I won't do a POAS yet as I know I'll start worrying about it if I get BFP - so trying to enjoy a few worry free days until AF is officially late
    Woohoo I am soooo pleased for you....I'm off to change our August TTC list to include our first BFP!!!!!!!!!!
    Take care
    Sue xxx
  • Congratulations!!!! thats fantastic news. Sooo pleased for you. Here's to lots more BFPs this month.XXXXX
  • Thanks ladies
    I am still in shock, I am going to test again tomorrow lol might as well use my tests up image

    I hope to see more BFPs very soon image

    Gem xx

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  • yey, many congratulations

    hoping to join you in bfp land very soon xx
  • Gem,

    That's wonderful news - I am so so thrilled for you! It is great to see such a positive post and has given me hope. Please do keep in touch and let us know how you are going - the support on this forum has been fabulous.

    Apple x
  • Thanks Woodfairy and Apple
    I will keep in touch for sure and I am hoping a few more will join me very soon image

    I hope to see many more BFPs got a good feeling about this month image

    Gem x
  • Ah congrats lovey xx

  • good for you xxx
  • Congratulations!! Thats great news!! Our final BFP from the July list! Enjoy your preganancy!! xx
  • Gem only just seen this! Cogratulations!!!!
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