just seeing how everyone is

tried to take break and not be obsessed and i must say this month im the relaxed ive ever been even after the chempreg.i think its important to take a bit of time out.but i cant believe feb is really on the way now.soon well be able to test again.anyhow i hopw everyone keepin well and getting through hard times with a bit of support.xxxxxxx


  • Hi ya love

    Good to hear from you

    Glad your feeling nice & relaxed, great for ttc.

    Goood Luck xxx
  • hey ive not spoke to you before as ive only just joined in the last month but thought i'd say hey and introduce myself image
    i cant beleive its feb already! at least knowing how quick the last month has gone will spur me on to think (touch wood) that maybe i will find myself pre in no time...(but i very much doubt i would be that lucky tbh...)
    Wish u well in ttc image
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