CBFM Question... Please help!

Hi all

Although I don't often post messages on here, I am a frequent reader and you all sound so nice that I hope you'll be able to help me out with this little question?

Prior to getting pg in June, I had religiously been charting my temperatures every day for a year in the hope of getting pg, which I eventually did and then sadly had a mc at 11.5 weeks in August. Since then, we decided that we needed to be more proactive in determining my most fertile days, and so invested in a CBFM.

I generally have fairly short and regular cycles (25-26 days) and I have been using the CBFM now for 3 months. However, I read on here that some of you have prolonged periods of high readings followed by a peak. Frustratingly, I tend to get low after low after low, which then jumps straight to peak without warning! As I understand it, the CBFM is set to automatically give you another peak reading the next day after ovulation (which it does), and then it's back to low again. This is confirmed by my temp readings and also CM.

Does anyone else have this happen? It is so frustrating to basically only have 1, maybe 2 fertile days a month. It means that if for any reason we miss those days, then that's it for another month.

I guess I'm feeling the march of time right now (I am 37), and every month that goes by is another failed opportunity. This month was one of those months and I feel gutted right now. We've been ttc for 16 months, and the chances of getting pg just seem so small image

The only positive this month is that I won't have to worry about the awful 2ww!

Anyway, sorry for the long post! I would really appreciate any thoughts.

Lynn x


  • Hi lynn,

    When I was first using the CBFM I always got 5 highs before my peak, for some reason I didn't this month, and like you it went straight to high.

    I don't think it's necessarily a problem. I think the highs appear to tell you that your peak is on its way and you should get BDing. I would guess that it just detects a gradual rise in the luteinising hormone. If you get no highs and then a peak then perhaps it just means that your hormone appears quite quickly.

    To be honest I don't really know (can you tell!) but I can't see that it would be a problem. BDing in the few days before a peak is still your most fertile time because its the best way to ensure that the spermies are there, so I don't think not getting the highs points to your own fertility.

    I'd also add that if you were measuring your ovulation using clearblue digital sticks, they're only designed to give you two peaks anyway, so I wouldn't have thought that mattered.

    This is the first month my meter has skipped straight to peak, and everything was obviously in order as we did fall with what I think was a chemical pregnancy (egg fertilised, didn't implant).

    Hope that helped. Sadly as it means you're not out for the month (if I'm right) then it does mean you have the joys of the 2ww ahead!

    Good luck and babydust x
  • Hi Beccaroo

    Thank you so much for your positive reply, it gives me some hope for the future at a time when I really feel like it'll never happen, and have considered giving up (temporarily!)

    I read your other post, and it seems as if you're also having a bit of hard time of it at the moment, so I'm extra appreciative for your kind words.

    I will keep my fingers crossed for the both of us for next month.

    Lynn x x x
  • for my cycle after my mc i only had one high then peaks which was odd, do you get your peaks on the same cd each month or near enough? if so u can just be prepared for those days by making a note of which days u peak each cycle. xx
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