help please :(

Hi all

i had a miscarage just over a week ago now, i was 15 weeks and the doctors dont understand why it happend, is it ok for me to start trying straight away? im so confused as to what to do but i feel so empty inside and feel like i need to be pregnant asap i want a baby so bad now i started to buy clothes etc and i can take them down. some advice would be very helpful im only 19 so i have never been through anything like this in my life.

any advice would be great!


  • Hi Marika, I'm so sorry for your loss and that you've found yourself in this horrible position. We've all been there and I found the ladies on this forum so helpful as I didn't really discuss my mc with anybody else. All I can say is that it never gets easy, but in time it will get easier. I hope you've got support around you, it really does help to try to talk about it.

    You can start trying whenever you feel ready, emotionally and physically. The doctors generally say to wait for one period but this is so they can date your next pregnancy properly. A lot of ladies don't wait and go on to fall pregnant again straight away, but depending on your body it may take longer. Personally I waited for one period before we started to try again, I was terrifed of having sex again and of getting pregnant again but after trying for the first time since I had my mc I fell pregnant again and am now almost 5 weeks. It is scary but we are taking each day as it comes.

    Good luck whatever you decide to do and if theres anything you need to ask or are confused about this is the best place for you to get good advice. Lots of love xx
  • i have a very big family and have lots of suport from them and my boyfriend but i just dont feel like they fully understand. i am so scared of getting pregnant again incase it happens again but i feel like my life just isnt complete anymore i miss my bump so much i dont feel like i can go out of my house because people are judging me thinking what did i do wrong. i have been trying already even though its only been a week what are the chances i could be pregnant

  • Hi hun,

    Please try not to put too much pressure on yourself. There's not much chance of being pregnant yet as you need to ovulate first. It may take a little time for your body to get back to normal. Perhaps buy some OPKs to check when you ov, i find it makes me feel like i'm doing something all the way through my cycle!

    Sorry you've had to join us over here, but everyone is absolutely lovely. You can say what you like on here and no one judges you! Like you, i'm quite young, 21, and i'd never experienced anything like it either but it has brought me and my OH very close together. Although he didn't fully understand how i felt he gave me lots of cuddles and listened to me when i was upset. I found this site a life saver because there was no one else i could talk to who fully understood!

    Most of the time miscarriages are caused by a genetic problem way out of anyones control so sod what other people think hun! If they have something to say then it's there own stupidity naivety.

    Since going through this, i really feel that people should be made aware of what us ladies feel like when we go through it and why they happen and just how common they are! Maybe then we'd get more understanding! Until then ignore those who may be stupid enough to say anything (although i'd be suprised if anyone did!) and take strength in those closest too you.

    When you feel ready you may want to venture into the trying for a baby forum as those ladies are pro's on the "science" behind babymaking and have lots of advice, hints and tips to offer. It's not as easy or straight forward as you may think!

    Lots of love hun
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