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OK I'm jumping the gun here as not even got BFP yet but...
Do you get offered an earlier scan as a matter of course after mc or does it depend on where you live/how far along you were/whether you ask/how many mc you've had etc?
Those of you that have gone privately, how much did it cost?
If you had an early scan was it worth it? Did it put your mind at rest???


  • Just emailed you. Skye.
  • Hi,

    I had an ectopic but I will automatically be scanned at 6 weeks and I think it's the same for mc but will depend on your hospital policy.

    There is a place by me that also does private scans for ??65 x x
  • I was told unless I had 3 mc I would not recieve any extra scans etc.
    I did however get my 12 week scan booked in for 10 as they knew I was worrying- turned out my dates (may) have been wrong I was 9 weeks and good hb- wasn't worth it as when I went again at 14 weeks (because hospital needs to scan you later than 9) baby had died just over 11 weeks (they had given me dates but I switched off when I knew it was over)
    I love the idea of getting extra scans but at the same time know ultimately it means nothing until baby arrives. I looked into private scans through babybond and they start at around ??80.
    I wish they would do something though when you go through losing one as it makes everything so much more stressful, i'd thought something was up at 12 weeks but got sent away with uti antibiotics- they didn't consider it worth checking, afterall i was bound to be neurotic grrr, bloody 'cost effective' drives me mad.....
  • hey, i had early scans at 5,6,7 weeks, cus of pain, at 5 we could only see a sac, 6 a hb and 7 a much better view of bean and hb (i went at 5 weeks cus by dates i was 6 1/2 but they then changed me to 5 after first scan cus of the measurements, bad thing is cus of that i got my dating scan bang on 12 weeks by which point bean had been dead for 4 weeks image so if they hadn't changed it i would've known sooner!) i think if u have an ectopic it'd be advisable and reassuring but if not i dont see that it can reassure... not at the early stages anyway, i'm going to ask for one at 8/9 weeks next time cus of the mmc, but if they wont give me one, i'll pay privately. there's a place about 45 mins away from where i live and they do a package of 3 for about ??100. xxx
  • Hmmmm I can't decide and I don't even have a BFP yet PML
    ALtho I mc at 11 weeks I do think baby had died before this as it all came out in two main goes - I'm assuming baby then placenta... If it was 11 weeks I'm not sure it would have done that?
    Anyway I'm not sure if seeing a hb earlier would help or not knowing it could still all go wrong. My friend had her normal 12 week scan then it died at 14 weeks.
    I think I'll just try (haha) and stay positive and wait and see what I get offered.
    thanks for the replies guys
  • You can request your GP send you for an early scan.
    My GP has sent me for them previously, but I will now get them anyway as under consultant for recurrent mc.

    Private can vary in price but if it gives you peace of mind & you cant het one on nhs thn it's prob worth every penny. xx
  • Hi, had my mc in july and when I then got pregnant again they only booked me in for a scan at 13 weeks - even though I told the midwife I was worried it would happen again. They told me they wouldn't request early scan until I'd had 3.

    Next time I will pay for a private scan to put my mind at rest.

    Good luck with getting your bfp hope its your month. xx
  • hi sera,im in wisconsin u.s., but the doctor had told me at my check up appt after my d&c that when i get pg next time she wants to start bloods rigt away then a 6-7wks she will put me in for a scan right away so she can see where things "stand". not sure if its diffrent by you or not? *hugs*
  • i had an early scan at 5+4, which was just to check sac was in the right place. saying that i was already booked in for a scan to check ovaries before finding out i was pg so they just brought that one closer. i had a second at 8+4 as they needed to check a heartbeat. they didnt give me another until 20 weeks though. i went private at 12 weeks and it cost ??70.
  • I think early scans are a mixed blessing myself.

    My last pregnancy we had a private scan at 8+1 and everything was hunkey dorey. Then at the 12 week scan we discovered the baby had passed away at 8+2. So in my mind all early scans do is prove that at that precise moment in time everything is going well.

    But then on the other hand 12 weeks is such a long time and it would be reassuring to have a scan at around 9 weeks.

    Because my last pregnancy was molar Charing Cross (who do my follow up care) have told me I need to have a scan at around 8 weeks (I'm going to ask for it to be 9 weeks). On the one hand at least it will put my mind at rest, but then as my experience shows, anything can happen in between scans, so I'm not sure it would really reassure me.

    So I suppose I haven't helped really have I? I'm on the fence on this one.
  • Actually you have helped! I was really grateful I didn't get to the scan date before I mc as that must be so so awful. I had gradual bleeding so had time to get used to the idea that all was not well IYSWIM. As it is I think I was definitely ahead of myself and not pregnant so it's all academic anyway image
  • There's nothing wrong with forward planning!
  • True but I have set myself up for a big old fall and boy have I fallen :'(
    Was really convincing myself but by the amount I'm bleeding and ht edrop in my temp I think it is just AF horribly early - almost a week and when I only have a 24 day cycle usually that's really early.
    I feel so stupid for getting my hopes up like that I really should have known better eh?
  • Oh hun, sorry af is here.

    Re the early scans, i had one this time around as had a mmc in Nov/Dec 08. My gp and specialist nurses that we saw both said that i'd be entitled to one when we got pg again. Sure enough when i got preg in june 09, i had an early scan (nhs) at 6+1.

    Both hubby n i were glad we were offered it and had it - all was ok and we did see a hb which you don;t always see so early so obviously we were relieved. On the other hand we were both so nervous of what they might tell us....

    Had my next scan at around 11+ something which was also ok, and then 20 wk scan at 20+2, am now 38+1 and desperate to meet bubba!!!

    So for us, in a way it did help but at the same time we became more anxious each time we had a scan....its a difficult one but i do feel it helped us although you still worry loads inbetween. I'm the same as laujai, prob would have paid to have a private one if we weren't so well supported by our local nhs.

    Good luck xxx
  • I don't think I want an early scan. I miscarried at 8-9 weeks so a scan before this wouldn't help me as I would want to get past that stage before I could start to relax. If I did have an early scan and I was able to see my healthy bean I know I would bond more with him/her and then if something was to go wrong I would feel worse. I know things can go wrong at any stage but I wouldn't like to give myself too much false hope by seeing my bean too early if that makes sense? xx
  • Seraphina - dont feel stupid we all build are hopes up and ss as we want a sticky bean so much. I was convinced I had done it this month as had loads of symptons but after getting 3 bfn's think I should just wait patiently for the witch to arrive. xx
  • Aw hun so sorry to hear about your early cycle - that happened to me a couple of cycles after my mmc it was horrible.
    But you WILL get there! I know you will. xxSara
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