BFN - so depressed...

Hi everyone,

Well I really thought that last month was the right month - I ov'd on cd16 with a positive on my ov stick and we had bd'd every other day up to then and a couple of days after. I just felt so positive...

Well, now back to cd3 and feeling like I've got to pick myself up again and try to be positive.

Why oh why didn't it happen???

Its been 5 months since my mmc and stupidly thought it would happen before now.

Sorry all - just feeling really low

Koi xx


  • Can I join you in the same boat, AF due today and no sign, and still BFN!!!! I had my MC in Feb and thought I would be PG again by now..... just want it so much, I am driving myself crazy every month.

    I have taken a vow to be much more relaxed this time (when AF shows up!!) No OV testing, no ss, just lots of BD and see where that gets me!!

    Sorry I cant cheer you up, as I feel the same, Im sure I will pick myself up soon x
  • Hi, its been 4 months since my mmc, and I'm wondering the same thing. Really thought we had cracked it last month, but was not to be. Am hoping this month is the one for me, but am in my 2ww still at the mo. We will get there, like 3054 says, I'm gonna try and relax more about it now, just have lots of fun BDing. Zxx
  • I know exactly how you feel Koi as I was where you are last week, I really thought I was pg and then Af arrived and well, I was a mess! And I still am a bit, am hugely sad still and hoping that this month will be the one but who knows!

    I'm sorry, i can offer any advice, i just wanted to say I understand and it hits us all very hard on CD1.

    Just try to remember it's a new month and another chance to try again - it will be your turn soon!

    Loadsa luck for this month, hope you feel better soon xx
  • i feel the same as you aswell koi,the witch showed up today a day early!!!!! its soooooo hard to keep up a PMA but i know we have to.

    sending u hugs

  • I feel exactly the same. It is six months since my missed miscarriage. Can't believe it is taking so long to get pregnant again. I am in my two week wait again. Not holding out much hope this month as so used to being disappointed.
  • Hi ladies,

    Its only been 2 months since my mc but i was so sure we'd done it last month. I had so many symptoms and AF was late but then AF showed up and i was gutted! To top it off i haven't OV'd until cd29 this month so mega long cycle image

  • it's been a year (well almost, in 3 weeks it will be!) since my mmc and i feel exactly the same! it does get easier though, unfortunately i've had a long enough wait to give you first hand advice! lol, sorry she got you hun, it's always tough xx
  • Thanks for all your replies - so lovely of you all.
    Sorry we're all in the same boat, but it really helps to know I'm not the only one out there pulling my hair out every cd1.
    Good luck everyone this month
    Koi xxx
  • I feel exactly the same. I am finding its actually getting a little harder at the moment. I had a mc in Feb and really wanted it to happen again. I am going to start OV testing after my next period.

    I have also been exercising more, and am trying to take things a little easier. Trying not to get so stressed.

    Ho hum... xxx
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