BFP!!!!!!! imageimageimageimageimage

tested early this morning with FR and theres definately a pinky line!!! not as clear as the other line but still there!!!! i had to give it to OH cos he didnt believe me!! ive even taken pictures lol!!! il try and upload one on here but definately looks much clearer in real life! image im sooo happy! not really sure when i was due! anywhere between 28-35 day cycle and im now on cd30... must only be a couple weeks max!! so im sticking around! thanks to everyone for all the nice messages and i really hope you all get yopur BFPS soon!!! image

love claire xx


  • Congrats hun ME TOO =D We must be around the same stage haha im shittin a brick but its unreal! So happy just hope this lil one is sticky sticky xxx
  • eeekkkk yours tooo!!! imageimageimage i reckon im onli bout 2 weeks max though... not even really sure when AF was due or anything cos of miscarriage... im guna take a CBD in morning and see what that ses and then doctors tuesday!! imageimageimage Hope its a sticky sticky one for the both of us!!! imageimageimage
  • Congratulations to you both - really chuffed!! Zxx
  • yay! so excited! congrats! you too angel!
  • congrats sweets, made up for you xxx
  • I'm soooo happy for you hun. xx
  • Congratulations!! I am so pleased it happened so quickly for you! Wishing you all the luck in the World!!
  • thanks everyone! image hope everyone gets their BFPS soon!! and lots of sticky dust to those who have! image xx
  • How you feeling flower??
    Any symptons??

  • Hey Hun... bad backache 2day!! image just very moody... boobs stil arnt sore but much fuller and nipples gettin darker... no sickness just tired.. going top doctors on tuesday and going to ask for blood tests to see if my hcg levels are rising... just scared ive tested to early and dont want to have chemical preg! im not stressing myself out though! thanks for asking hun image are you ok! ??? xx
  • Symptons sounds very good hun!
    Have you done a CBD digital?
    I am well thanks hun xxxx
  • yeah last night... was pregnant 1-2 and i reckon im only 2 weeks max anyways!... im going to do another FR on tuesday morning probs before the doctors or get the doctor to do one there and il do another CBD friday cos think it should have gone up to 2-3 by then! where are you in your cycle hun?? xxx
  • Congratulations to both of you. It's results like this that gives us all hope of getting bfp's after mc's.

    Sending lots of sticky bean fairy dust xx
  • Congrats to you both! Take care of yourselves. Stay positive. I wish you both ALL the sticky dust in the world.

  • OMG!! That is fab news hon, so pleased for you! CONGRATS!! xxxx
  • Thank You Girls!!!! image Stil Hasnt Sunk In Yet! Goin To Doctors 2day At Half 9 So Il Keep U Updated If U Dont Mind! image xxx
  • Congrats treacle. Really pleased for you xx
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