hey girls, it's been 3 weeks since my mc now and was wondering whether i should be expecting AF in the next week or so? i need to POAS on tues just to check everything is back to normal, then it's just waiting for AF and then i guess it really is over...when did u all get ur AF? x


  • Hi my AF arrived 6 weeks after my mc. I usually have 4 to 5 week cycles so a bit longer than usual. Some women say they have to wait up to 8 weeks or so for their first AF. Hope that helps and sorry to hear of your loss.
  • Hi hun,

    Sorry for your loss. Sorry I can't be much help as I am a little way behind you. I had natural mc starting 11th Jan and have to do the HPT on 2nd Feb. The docs told me it's be about 4 weeks from the 11th Jan but chattin to the girls on here it can be anythin from 4-8 weeks,

    Fingers crossed it's here soon for you. It's just so frustrating the way it goes on and on isn't it . Let us know how you get on.

  • Hi Girls

    I'm the same as you guys. My mc started on 1st jan but i'm still spotting. Its seems to stop for a few days then starts again.

    I'm back at the hosp on wed to check hcg levels as last blood results showed it was 520. Its really starting to get me down now. I just want af to start so that i can try again.

    Are you guys still getting bloods done? I done a preg test couple of days ago and its still positive :\?:\?
  • mine was 7 weeks after. i still had a +ive test 2 weeks after mc but only faint, they did another scan just to check all ok. xx
  • Hiya, my AF came 6 weeks after, but everyone's different I think. As silly as it sounds, I was really relieved when it did finally come and I must admit I've felt much better since too.

    Sending you lots of hugs

  • it hasn't been mentioned to me about having bloods blood results were very low when i was mc and i had a scan and everything was gone so it's 99% likely my test will be BFN anyway, i don't really know what will happen if it's BFP, they didn't discuss that with me as i guess from my notes they could tell it wouldn't be? will keep u updated x
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