Out this month..AAARRRGGGHHH!!!!!!!

Just thought i'd have a rant.....

I had my 2nd mmc in Dec and it took all of January to get my cycle back to norrmal.... Dh and I have been at ttc since then...though it feels like i've been on this roller coaster ride since April last year when i had my first mmc. And looky looky, April is upon us again!!! I just feel soooooooo exhausted!!!!

During this period my 2 sisters have gone on to have their gorgeous babies........aaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrggghh!!! ::\(
Oh dont get me wrong, i'm super excited for them but cant help wonder when my turn will come along!!!!!

This last cycle i thought we had done it as we bd almost every day...... JUST WHAT WILL IT TAKE ????

Sorry to unleash this on hear but i just feel really frustrated esp coz Af is 2 days early......

Anyhow, really hope to hear of more BFP from you ladies to keep my PMA up!!

Thanks for listening/reading!



  • oh hun, sorry to hear that, better 2 days early than getting ur hopes up and being 2 days late! i get how you feel, i stopped my pill in April 2008 and have had one mmc in august 2009 and since then nada! very image , ((((((((hugs)))))))) xx
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