Hello all...I am new here!! Please can I join??

Hello all, my name is Bronz....I have been on the TTC board for the last year and now have finally decided I think it is time to join here....if that is ok with you all!!

I have a 23 month old son, so I know I am able to have children, but I have had 3 miscarriages since November last year. My last one, was this weekend passed.

I went to see the doctor today, and she is finally referring me to a consultant as I have had a blood test aswell as a scan and everything is fine. My problem is not actually getting pregnant...its staying pregnant as I always seem to loose it at about 5 weeks.

I had natural birth with my son..well besides 3 epidurals, a spinal block and a 3rd degree tear. I keep wondering if there has been damage or something that prevents me from staying pregnant.

Is there anyone else out there with a similar experience to me or can give me some advice? What is the next stage for me? Any help and advice would be much appreciated!!

Bronz xx:\?


  • hi! am sory to hear of the tough year you've had! at least your GP is starting to do something about it! Laujai who is in here regulary has just been referred for tests and i' sure she will post with some of her lovely advice as she always does!!! i've only had one mmc so am not on that road myself but didn't wana r+r am now on cycle 3 ttc again. hubby already has a lo so i know there's no problems that side... as for the damage from your birth (ouch!) would your gp be able to shed any light on it? xxx
  • Hey, dont have any advice a I had an ectopic but just wanted 2 say Im sorry 2 hear of your losses and welcome to the forum xx
  • Hi bronz - I'm sorry for your losses. Your comment about your problem being staying pregnant really strikes a cord with me - I've had 2 early MC's one at 5 weeks and one at 6+4, I am now pregnant for the 3rd time (I'm super good at getting pregnant!!) and have had an early scan today which showed blob with a heartbeat so I'm hoping it's 3rd time lucky.

    As I've only had 2 MC's I haven't had any tests at all so can't give any advice there but I'm glad your getting some help and hope you have some answers soon , xx
  • Hello all, thank you very much for all your wonderful messages, I really do appreciate the support. I had a real down day today, really dont know how I got thru it!!
    Good luck DangerMouse - you must be sooo chuffed...3rd time lucky hey!!
    Take care Bronz xx
  • hello bronz, didnt want to read and run.i had a partial molar preg. so dont exactly know what i can tell you.sorry for your horrible year!!
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