Been having dull period type pains for a few days, but nothing that has worried me.
Im due AF on weds but OV'd on a tues me thinks, so today am 10DPO and CD23.
Today had the pains and also some brownish spotting, literally only a few little dots but enough so i ca see it but nothing when i wipe (sorry tmi).

Could this be implantation or should i be worried its the wicked witch?
Never had implantation bleeding with my last pg so not sure what to expect or be looking for/feeling.



  • Em_Lou I seem to be experiencing a similar thing. I am 11dpo according to fertility friend. Temps rose and did get a positive on an opk but cbfm has read low all month so was not holding much hope. However been really emotional last few days and been having hot flushes like I did when I fell pg last time. Had some brown spotting when I wiped yesterday and thought I would see AF this morning but still only the tiniest bit of spotting. I have been looking at other charts on fertility friend and it does seem quite common. Did not have an implantation bleed last time so unsure. AF will prob show tomorrow now!!
  • Im so so paranoid that im about to come on early!!
    Really hoping this my BFP for me, very very much wanted image
    I cant really seem to see much when i wipe but its defo in my underwear, but not like AF.
    But the pains i have had pretty much all day.
    Really hoping i dont come on image
    Am excited as it could be implantation but real scared its AF.
    Why cant pregnancy just be simple lol.
    I too have had hot flashes, spesh first thing in the morning and at night.
    Been emotional since yday and getting quite moody now too.
    Hope its our month hun, fingers crossed xxxx
  • Hi Em,

    What are your cycle lengths normally like? Are you regular? Because; CD23 / 24 is very early to get AF, so that points towards good news?? Hopefully anyway!!

    Good luck xxxx
  • Hi Fairythalia, Im usually 28/29 days so should be expecting AF weds/thurs.
    Am mega dizzy today, even when sitting down and feeling real sick.
    exciteddddd lol.

    What CD you on?
    Good luck to you too hun xxx
  • Well Em like I predicted AF showed up yesterday! Started taking agnus castrus today and hoping its a magical pill!!! Good luck sweetie!
  • Ahhh sorry the witch got you muffin hun image
    Keep trying it will happen soon image
    Im still having slight spotting but all pains have completely gone.
    The spotting started on thurs, so this is day 5.
    AF is due weds so will wait and see what happens.
    Not really sure what to think anymore!!
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