Second AF since mmc feel like the year is slipping by!

Hiya I had an ERPC on 13th Jan and my second AF started today. I was desperate to start ttc asap and started as soon as I stopped bleeding. Knew I hadn't been successful first cycle as I definitely did not ovulate no temp change and CBFM did not detect any LH surge so was actually quite pleased to see AF especially as before mmc at 12 weeks I had had extremely irregular cycles (30-76 days!). First AF arrived 30 days after ERPC so was pleased I wasn't going to have a loooonnngg cycle. This cycle was all systems go and I think I ovulated on cd 18 as temp shot up even though CBFM never peaked it did go high for several days. Had very mixed feelings when AF showed up today. First upset that another month has gone by (the year feels like its slipping away) but then I was quite pleased as today is cd31 so at least my cycle appears almost regular at the moment (long may it continue - unless I get my BFP). I am desperate to be pregnant by my edd but I think that may be putting too much pressure on myself. I think we all feel the same. I have just realised that this is my last chance to become a mummy in 2010. Have decided with hubby not to obsess to much but its hard not too. We have decided to do SMEP this month and I am not going to tell him when I peak. Although bit concerned it will happen the day I am havoing 2 wisdom teeth removed!!! Will have to not kiss!!!! I should be 21 weeks today and would love to have a little bump this year! Hows everyone else??


  • Hi Muffin, sorry to hear the witch got you, my AFs due any day now, but not sure what my cycles like... i'm trying not to get my hopes up, but its difficult isn't it? I've been a couple of days behind you through all of this, so i guess my AFs due Thursday!

    Atleast your cycle seems regular, so good luck with SMEP, and fingers crossed you don't peak on wisdom teeth removal day!

    I'd have been 20 weeks on Friday, and have also been daydreaming about how lovely my little bump would have been by now. I guess thats not going to get any easier as we get closer to August.


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  • Hey Muffin,

    My AF arrived on Sunday and hubby and I felt quite sad about it. Like you, I should be 21 weeks this week. Last week was VERY hard for me as I kept thinking about the scan I should be having. I had a few melt downs, then my best friend told me she was pregnant, then I got my AF image

    Onwards and upwards I suppose!
  • ((((((((((((Hugs for Muffin))))))))))))))))

    I am in the dreaded 2ww I think and praying that I won't see the next AF....

    stay strong hun xxx
  • Hi Muffin34 it is so hard isnt it. I guess the positive thing like you said is that your cycles appear to settled down to nice regular ones which should make it easier for you to work out when you are ovulating. Hopefully third time lucky and this time next month you will be telling us you have your BFP

    Good luck

  • hi muffin, sorry you're feling low, AF is unfortunately hard every time she shows up image but it does get a little bearable. i too was desperate for a bfp by our due date, we had a mmc at out 12 wk scan back in july, but unfortuately that didn't happen and we're now on month 8 of ttc again! only cycle 6 though because of a couple of long cycles at the start, just wanted to say dion't put too much pressure on yourself or oh. good luck xx
  • Well Af is in full swing now! They have never been so heavy as the last two have been! Opalfruit I was the same as you last week wondering what it would have felt like to see my littleone and find out whether I was having a boy or girl. Can't help going into due in Aug and seeing all their scans - even though its soul destroying! Got really angry with one lady who was moaning that she wasn't having a girl when all I want is a healthy baby whatever the sex! I drive past my maternity hospital everyday and cant help thinking about all the ladies having their babys! Hopefully it will be my turn soon!!! rocky I will try not to put tooo much pressure its just that it took us 13 minths last time and we had been told it would be difficult to concieve naturally. I could have had two children by now! Mrs H looking forward to your BFP announcement!!! Will just have to BD before going to the dentist and then take loads of pain killers so I can again the next day!!!
  • hey Muffin, nice to see you are still here (in the nicest possible way of course), I like you have kept going into due in august to have a look and see what is happening with all the others girls - I cant help it.
    I am TTC month 2 again now and trying to not think about it so much this time round, although it is easier said than done. I keep wishing my little bump was there and so want to have the feeling of being pregnant again.
    hopefully it will come some time soon for us all again, I want to be pregnant again before my due date!
    hugs to you all xx
  • heya,
    just had tears in my eyes reading this thread, i have felt worse this week then i have for ages since my mc, again like you, because i should have just had my 20 week scan and found out if i was having a boy or girl. couldnt wait to start buying pink or blue things! i feel really down about it this week and have just got AF yesterday after a 44 day cycle! (normally 28!)
    i too keep looking in due in aug, as i was due aug 4th - it is heartbreaking image
    hope we all get BFP's soon xxxxxxxxx
  • Well AF finally slowing down and I am feeling a little more positive today! Spring is coming and all the birds are busy Bd ing so maybe the change in weather will have the desired affect on us too (clutching at straws now)!
  • 10 weeks ago I was sat here knowing that the odds of me seeing my littleone alive on the scan tomorrow would be slim! I can't believe that time has past and I am still having moments when I feel really low! I have had such a wonderful weekend but now I am sitting here trying to plan some lessons for tomorrow and its hit me again. I am going to try and avoid looking at the clock tomorrow to try and prevent myself thinking about what was happening 10 weeks ago. I should be 22 weeks on tues. Just been looking at the due in July/Aug piccys and seeing what my bump should look like now (I know I shouldn't). Going to the docs on Weds to get some results of the tests they did on my 'products of my conception' - as they beautifully phase it! Really scared what may be revealed. I am really struggling at the moment and just want my life to stop hurting. I can't talk to anyone apart from you ladies as everyone always relies on me being strong for them. Sorry for mopping I just want this year to improve quickly.
  • hi muffin sorry your feeling down right now.. im kinda in the same boat but then its only been over 3 weeks for me.. i dont want to bring this up but can i just ask what you mean by them going through your results... did you have an ERPC??? i know they were going to do tests on what they removed but i didnt know theyd get in touch or do i have to??? im bit confused... xxxx
  • Thinking of you Muffin34 and understanding your pain. It WILL happen for you. Who knows spring is in the air, the perfect time to make a baby. THis month could be the month for you!!!

    Hope Wednesday goes okay

  • hi hun, how are things for you? sent you an email yesterday hope you are ok and your time right around the corner, good luck to all you lovely ladies. xxxx
  • Hiya Greenbean! Got your email and emailed straight back! Look after yourself young lady! Just been to the docs the evening for a 10 week post op check up and to get the results of the tests they did on my littleone. They have all come back inconclusive - so 'it was just one of those things'. Doctor was pleased that I have had two 30 day cycles so at least my cycles seem a little more predictable (fingers crossed they stay like that) than before when they ranged form 30-76 days long. I dont think I have ovulated for the last two cycles. Doc wants me to go back in three months if I have not got a BFP by then and she will start the tests needed again to refer me to the hospital. So feeling a little positive - although not much hope for this month as I am having my wisdom teeth out the day I will prob ov and hubby slipped with a knife yesterday and now has stitches in his knee - going to back Bding interesting over the next fe days!! image
  • Thinking of you Muffin. Like you I find it hard not to check out the due in foum too, I was in Oct and its hard seeing everyone posting their scan pics etc. We would have been having our 12w scan today image Zxx
  • hi Muffin,

    I feel the same hun,

    when we first mc I was desperate to be pregnant (and further gone tha when I mc) by my first due day, now Im just desperate to be pregnant. my edd is 6 weeks away so unless it happens on this cycle it's very unlikely. If I get pregnant on my next cycle the baby will be due Jan 2011 which seems an absolute lifetime away.

    what's making me feel positive is that the last 4 months have gone by so quick, so hopefully this year will go by quickly.

    I'm also booking up lots of little weekends away and things to do, to give me some more nicer positive milestones to look forward to.

    you'll get there soon hunny,

    lots of baby dust

    x x x
  • Hey Muffin,

    Just catching up with everything. Sorry to hear about your poor DH... Ouch! and you with your wisdom teeth. I had one of mine out last year and it was no worse than usual dental stuff. Having lots to do is probably a good thing, even if its medical appointments.

    It's great that you got a 10 week post op check up, not many people get one, and its a relief to know it was just one of those things.

    Your cycles seem pretty regular too which is great! Why dont you think you ovulated?

    Anyway, look after yourself, enjoy BD'ing and be gentle with your DH, especially his knees! image xxx
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