FINALLY being sent for a scan!

Hi Guys.

I had an mc in July, af returned after 4 weeks and my cycle's been pretty good since. We started TTC straight after af arrived. After my first af I got pains (like the mc contractions) during the few days after ov. They just came on and off, never lasting more than half and hour and max 3 times a day. I went to the doc in December, she did a swab, no infection, then she suggested I use ov sticks to see if they are ov related. The last two months I've been getting them CD 6-9, so couldn't be ov. I have been to gp today, and she is FINALLY sending me for a scan to check everything. I just assumed they'd send me straight away, but I've had to wait 4 months! Now I just have to sit tight and wait for a scan date. Hope it comes quickly! :\)


  • That is wonderful news honey, keeping my fingers crossed for you.
    A friend of mine had the same thing after her MMC, and there were telling her that they will monitor her cycle, well the first visit she paid them she found out that she is pregnant :\) so good luck hun

  • Hi Beth

    I am glad they're finally sending you for a scan to check things out - sorry you have to wait so long though. Waiting lists can be very frustrating!

    I hope all is ok for you.

    Love NN xxx;10719;30/st/20090413/e/%27Round+4%27/dt/5/k/a085/s-event.png

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  • It's so frustrating isn't it. Before my mc they found a 6cm cyst on my ovary. It has now been 3 months since they found it and I got a scan through for May to check it out. Unfortunately its at the hospital in Edinburgh and by the time the scan comes around I will have moved to Nottingham. I asked if they can bring it forward and they won't so I have got to wait until I have moved, register with a new GP, ask them to refer me and then wait for a new appointment! You would think they would do more after a miscarriage to help put peoples mind at rest wouldn't you??
  • Awww thanks girls!!
    Renee, I found your reply so encouraging. I've not come across anyone else who's had this in the past, and I've been wondering for months now if whatever it is is stopping me getting pg. Now I've heard of someone else who's had it and got pg! image
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