Low dose Aspirin and Folic Acid

Hi everyone,

i'm ttc just now...currently im my fertile period just now. I had a m/c at 6 weeks gone back in December then a chemical pg at the end of Feb.. My doc has not been very helpful and has advised he will refer me to a gyn specialist but this may take weeks/months (still waiting for appointment).

Now that i'm ttc again I have read a lot about baby aspirin and prenatals.

I have taken the matter into my own hands and am now taking 75mg aspirin, a pre natal vitamin and Vitamin B complex (includes vit B6, B12 and fol acid). I have been taking these daily for the last month.

Anyone got any advice/ experiences. I thought the baby aspirin can't hurt (ive heard it may help with successful implantation) and it can only be a good thing taking extra folic acid/ vitamin B6 and B12?

How much is too much?

appreciate any views on this x

thanks, Lou x


  • Im afraid I cant help you as I only take folic acid myself but I am interested in what you find out as I wonder if I should take other supplements


  • I am now taking a pregnancy supplement from tesco. It has all the B vitamins in it plus folic acid plus a whole lot of others.

    I asked my doctor about low dose aspirin, but he did not want to perscribe it. He said there was no proof it was working. He said I could buy it over the counter, but that would be my decission. I am not willing to take it without doctor approval though, cause if something goes wrong it is my fault otherwise. He said that if it keeps happening he might think about it.
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