AF 5 days late and BFN

WTF is going on with my body this month????

Was due AF on sun so when it didn't arrive i tested on monday and tuesday with FR and both BFN. Still no sign of AF and starting to get annoyed. I know i'm not pregnant but just wish it would hurry up.

Had mc beginning of jan and first AF 20th Feb, so with usual 28 day cycle i should be on now. Obviously my body is taking longer than i hoped to get back to normal.

Have no pregnancy symptoms at all apart from increased CM so not getting my hopes up. Did this happen to anyone else??


  • Dont give up hope yet with two my my children I have negative tests after I knew AF was late and I didnt get my BFP until about 10 days later. Also increased CM can be a sign!!

    I reckon you should test again in a few days!! Ill keep my fingers crossed for you

  • hi Mrs KD,

    it not over yet - hold in there. my best friend had 5 BFN's (all after her AF was due) before her BFP!!

    good luck hun

    x x x
  • Heya hun,
    yep i have been in this very position recently!
    It was very frustrating for me too!
    My mc was over Christmas and my first AF finaly came on 6th Feb.
    I also normally always have 28 day cycles, so I should have been due on the 6th March, and after many BFNs AF finally came on 18th March! So my cycle was about 41 days instead of 28 ??????
    I know how your feeling, so just try and concentrate on other things and the time will creep up on you and you will have AF in no time.
    So if you can think about any fun things you might be doing in the next week or so, maybe this will help you? (that's what I did anyway!)
    Hope this helped xxxxx
  • Have to say hun, after my 1st mc, I didn't ov until CD 24ish, so would have been a 38 day cycle if I hadn't have had my BFP that month. After the last mc, I'm now on CD 32 and I think that I only ov last weekend, so have another good week to go I think.

    Having said that, I'm really hoping that it's a shy bean for you image

  • Hi girls, thanks for the replys. Still not got AF but feel like it could be any time.

    I'm off out tonight to a birthday party, so i'm getting the glad rags on and gonna enjoy myself. Will try and keep busy so that time passes and try and stay positive. Sometimes I think we're too hard on ourselves with this ttc malarky.;\)
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