Sad and jealous

Morning ladies had a bit of a sad day at yesterday was working with a college how has a 4month little girl and all she talked about was what she dos in her day with the baby and all the lovely dresses she has got for the summer .she knows about the mc I had 5 weeks ago this was the first shift I worked with her as she has been on mat leave she never asked how I was or any thing not that I would have wanted to say any thing.

I just feel why should she have every thing int just not fare the only thing that makes me feel better is that I got my af last Saturday so I went back to a 28cd so we are beding lots

I know it's not good to be jealos but I just carnt help it thanks for listerning.x


  • hey hun, im really sorry to here about ur day....
    i honestly dont get people like that!! grr it makes me m just reading it!
    some people ar just oblivious to other peoples feelings!
    i know how much it can hurt, i work with 2 preg people and afew part-time workers who have young babies, and although they dont know about my mc it stabs my heart everytime i hear anything about their pregs or their child - they are constantly always talking to eachother about nurseries / milestones etc.
    maybe at the end of next month you will have your BFP image
  • Hubby keeps saying how wonderful it will be when we do get pregnant again and that we'll appreciate and love our baby even more because of what we've been through. It doesn't help though when everyone around you has babies or bumps! Lots of baby dust your way! xx
  • some people have no concideration (?) and can be so heartless.
    sending u lots of hugs((((((((((((((((((((

  • HI hun - GC from preg after MC. I just wanted to say that I'm sorry your colleague is being so insensitive to you and please don't feel bad for being jealous its perfectly natural to feel that way.

    After my 2nd MC the first person I saw at work was my heavily pregnant colleague - I only just managed to hold it together. Unlike you I didn't tell anyone at work about the MC's but I'd like to think people who know should be a little more sensitive and understanding.

    (((Hugs))) to you and good luck with the BDing this month xx
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