What on earth is going on???!


Given you girlies seem to be the font of all knowledge on this stuff, I wonder if anyone has any advice for me here. I had my MC 2 weeks ago today and whilst we decided we should probably wait for my AF at least once, we got a bit carried away last weekend, if you know what I mean!!!!! Yesterday and today I've been feeling really strange - a bit sicky and kind of how I felt when I was pregant before. Will someone please tell me that I am being mad for thinking I could be pg again - it doesn't can't be possible unless I ovulated the week after the MC - surely that doesn't happen?

Am now afriad to do a test because I would guess it could still show as being positive this early after MC and also afraid to go to drs -they'll think am mad to!o!!!! also don't want to be disappointed either. Should I wait a bit and see how I feel in a fw days? what woudl you lovely ladies do?




  • hey, yes it can happen however it is unlikely that u are pg and it is your body just getting back to normal. or a number of other things. plus i would say it is far too early. sorry, just don;t want u getting ur hopes up and i know how easily that is done! i'd wait until AF is due at least, which is sometimes a bit late after a mc! xx
  • Hi I agree with Rocky-kiz, it is possible to fall pregnant practically straight away but it probably is your body getting itself back to normal. A preg test would probably still be positive too, it took ages for mine to become negative, I think it was three weeks.

    Try and wait for abit longer and see how you feel

  • I had my miscarriage about 2 and a half weeks ago, and I felt sicky this week, bit like before the mc... Definitely not pregnant, as we've not got back to BDing again yet.

    I'm assuming it's just a slightly upset tummy, as I know it's not a symptom!! May be hormones going back to normal, or just plain coincidence... Think I'm oving just now, as definitely have symptoms of that, but we're going to wait till next month, as instucted!image
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