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Hi ladies

this my first month using it and I have had 2 bars toe the last 4 days and I expected my peak today but still just 2 bars. I have read people saying it can take a while to get used to you cycle, but I don't want to miss an opportunity if it's just not in sync with me yet!
Can anyone share their experience?
According to my fertility calendar I should ov today.

We try to have sex every 2nd day during my fertile window, making sure my ov day is covered. I read every second day to ensure sperm quality (that sounds funny!).

Do you think I should take some cheap eBay ov tests too during this first cycle?

Do you use fmu for your ov tests? I do for the cbfm cos it says to, but I think I've read somewhere you should ov test later in the day with other tests?

All very confusing!

Thanks girls xxx

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  • Hi Kat,

    I've never used a CBFM so can't help with that.

    I used to use OPKs and you're supposed to do them late afternoon when the LH is highest. Depending on the brand you get, they say to not drink or go loo for 2-4 hours before you do the test and test around 4-6pm.

    You could also do some OPKs to make sure you're covered, tesco do 7 tests for ??7 if you need them quick!

    Have fun with the CBFM! xx

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  • Double post!! x

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  • Hi,

    I've used my cbfm for the last 5 months and used it to track my cycle after my ectopic. Trust it, it is always right! Internet ov calendars are an estimate only and I never ov when they say I should!

    Each month my results vary, sometimes I get 8 highs then my peaks other times I get 2 highs then my peaks. First cycle you can expect to use all 20 sticks.

    We bd every other day when on highs and then every day of the peak x x
  • Hey girls

    Thanks for the replies. Amber thanks for the reminder on the ov testing. It seems like a lifetime ago since we were trying and I'd forgotten it all! It was only jan/feb!

    Mafia - thanks for the cbfm advice. You have given me more confidence in it, so I can trust it now!

    I was disappointed today expecting to see a peak and not getting it. But I feel excited again waiting to see when it will happen.

    Really want it this month so fingers crossed!!

  • G/C but like Mafia Princess, I have great faith in the little gadget image

    Some cycles I got lots of highs before a peak, the first cycle I got highs around CD7 and then peaked on CD18 - I though it would never come :lol: Like you I BD every other day when on highs and then on my peak I did it at least once a day and it worked for me twice over (though neither of these BFP's were sticky sadly).

    Trust it sweetie, I'm sure it will do you right

  • Got my peak today!!! Super excited, not been able to concentrate all day just want to get home and get my man in the sack!!

    Cross your fingers for me please!!
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