FAO Rocky and Mafia Princess

Hi ladies,

just wondered how you were both doing as I've not seen you on here in quite a while (though I'm not a stalker, honest :lol: )

Hope you're both OK



  • hey! we've both joined LTTTC recently, although i know i still pop in over here every now and again but personally i feel i fit in more over in LTTTC now, still waiting on my referral, only about 1/2 way through the wait and waiting on hubby's app for an SA. How are you hun? xx p.s. i quite like being stalked! lol xx
  • Oh yes, I love being stalked, it makes me feel special!!

    I'm the same as Rocky, just feel lttc is better for me. Had my 1st appointment as the fertility clinic yesterday, having my blood test, a scan and a dye x-ray. Feel like at least i'm moving a little bit further forward.

    How are you? How many weeks now? I pop onto pregnancy after mc to see how you're all doing. Time seems to be flying! x x
  • Glad to hear you are both well image (Think I may have to stalk you in lttc from now on though :lol: )

    Glad things seem to be moving forward for you both, and profesisonals are taking you seriously. How are you feeling about the tests etc?

    I'm good thanks, 20 weeks on Saturday. Had my first EDD at the weekend, I found it hard as expected really, though I know I'm lucky.

    Lots love

  • oh well if it makes you feel special I shall join the stalkingimage
    hope you both get some answers soon. Rocky did the tablets not help sort your cycles out then?
  • yay! def stalk us over there! lol, it's nice! i do stalk pg after mc a bit but only when i an face it or there's a specific post from one of you 'originals'!!

    I can't wait to get the tests underway tbh!

    Hey Gems! i think they did, after a funny while after finishing them, but i'm def not ov'ing every cycle, i didn't in december, and then did for 2 cycles and then didn't for 3 and then did for 1 and this month i don't think i'm going to either image however touch wood i haven't had any bleeding mid cycle since so that's gota be good!! xxx
  • hi ya ladies,

    Ive been looking out for you and stalking you too?

    hope you're both well

    lots of love

    pb x x x
  • yay another stalker!!! xxx
  • Hello , Just wanted to say Hi to you all as I was in ttc with you all for ages and havnt been on in a long time. Im still trying but cant see it ever happening again cos of my age. ( 45 ). Sadly my 18 yr old daughter has just had mmc last week. I am devastated and want so much for her to be happy again. Thanx for all your support in the past. I could never have got through it without you all . Looks like i,ll be stalking too. hahah xxx;\)
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