PG test

hi girls

as you know i had an ERPC 3 weeks ago,yesterday i did a PG test and it was completly negative i was initially relieved as it means hopefully my body will get back to noremal pretty quickly,but then i think i have found myself mourning the second pink line from the tests! i tested every week when i was PG as i just like to see the line.

now its ironic that i didnt want to see a second line and i feel guilty aswell.:\?


  • You are bound to feel a little releaved your body is getting back to normal. Hope you are doing ok xx
  • Like socks said it's only natural to want your body to get back to normal to help you look to the future and trying again. But of course you also wish that second line was still there and that the last few weeks were all just a horrible nightmare.

    You don't have anything to feel guilty for. Grief is a funny journey and can make us feel some strange things that we don't expect, but if I've learned anything in this last year it's to not feel guilty for how I'm feeling after everything that's happened!

    Take care, NN xxx;10719;30/st/20090413/e/%27Round+4%27/dt/5/k/a085/s-event.png

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  • hya clarehair i think we had our op's around the same time mine was 3 weeks today and i got my negative last wednesday i was over the moon,it was like that final ending i found it easier to move on from then!! hopefully a BFP soon and a sticky one at that xx
  • It made me feel better too....kind of like i know next time two lines are there i am really pg again.

    Don't feel bad and hopefully you'll be seeing a bfp xxx
  • would you like me to sing you a song to take your mind off it??
  • sing me a song??
  • Hi Clairhair,

    I had a mc in Feb. It took over two weeks until I got the BFN. I felt wierd too wanting the test to be negative. But it does signify that your body is getting back to normal.

    Now all I want is the BFP again. My cycle is a bit screwy but fingers crossed anyway.....

    Take care,
    Edie xxx
  • I didn't take a test afterwards, couldn't face seeing the BFN! I can understand why you are feeling mixed emotions about it.

    Are you all ready, not long now!!!
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