I Would Rather Do the Ironing!!


I am wallowing in self pity at the mo, have spent a ridiculous amount on HPT's all to tell me what I knew deep down....NOT PREGNANT!!

Not that anyone really needs to know but...the whole BDing thing has completely lost it's appeal, it comes in second after the ironing but rates slightly higher than cleaning the oven. Now I know I have got to do it to get the results I want but it doesn't fill me with the slightest bit of excitement! How do you get over this?

On a positive note, the ironing pile is non existent, if only I could muster the enthusiasm to clean the cooker!!

Moaning over, just feeling sorry for myself I guess, here's to better luck next month (and a clean cooker)!!

Hugs n baby dust to all xx

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  • Hi hun,

    Sorry you're feeling like this, but I can honestly say that you're not alone in this. So many of us go through not wanting to BD even though we want to pg - for me I think it was because although I sooo desperatley wanted to be pg, I was also very scared to become pg in case I mc again. The best advice I was given was to follow your body and mind. If you don't want to BB, then don't. No you won't get pg that cycle, but you'll rest and most likely feel better for the next cycle for your BFP image

    Sending you lots of hugs

  • At the start we did want to BD cus it was nice to have that closeness but after that first cycle it soon lost it's appeal, am now starting cycle 5, month 7 of ttc after mmc and it has got better, i'm not sure how long ago you mc but i would say to try your hardest to find that spark, its all very well people saying dont BD cus you HAVE to but it's proven the more you BD the higher the results and in my opinion you gota have that close relationship back to be able to be strong through a pg and having kids anyway so you may as well make sure it's there when trying to make them! Sorry you're feeling this way hun xxx
  • Hi Kazzie

    I think the girls have summed it up really like Rainbow says your scared of getting pg but want to be pg! And like Rocky says it's nice to sometimes just have that closeness.

    Maybe you & Dh can do something nice to take away from the fact that it's for baby making & just enjoy eachother, maybe have a romantic meal or bath together & a massage thatway you'll feel nice & relaxed which is perfect for conceiving.

    Also like Rocky says obviously the more bd'ing the more chance you have but also dont push yourself, I conceived one month & dont know how we done it as hardly bd much & my friend who is due in Feb thought there was no chance of conceiving one month as she said they only done it once!! Luckily the one time they did was at the right time & just enough!!!

    Hope your feeling better soon & you have a nice clean cooker cause when you get your BFP you wont feel like cleaning it!! xxx
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