i had random bleeding that started on cd20 last time... re set my cbfm and started tetsing again, now cd15 and have had highs from cd 10... today i have AF... technically working from cd 1 of the funny cycle before this would be a proper AF as CD35 would've been today and that's right for me... however like i say i've had highs... as far as i know this measures the oestrogen levels... and just before AF these drop (according to google anyways!)... it can't be a mc cus i would've got +ive opk and have tested with cbd opk's in the eve's for the last week as well... I have a GP app next week to discuss EVERYTHING! (tell you i'm making a list!!!!!) but right now i feel so confused as to what's happening, we in April soon... and that's month 9 of ttc again!AAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHh! xxx


  • Gosh hunni, what a pain. Silly question but have you done a HPT? Also do you have full flow or spotting?

  • no, cus i don't have one image but i did one about 10-12 days ago and it was a BFN, i spotted the last 2 days but this pm is full AF, cow. no OV for me this month let alone a BFP. xxx
  • Hi Hun

    I have no suggestions what so ever im afraid but If I were you I wouldnt be leaving the doctors surgery without a referral.

    When is the appt so I can see how it went xxx
  • Aww sorry sweetie, I really don't know, wish I did though :evil:

    I agree with Laura and would definetly lay it on the line with your doc.

  • eak! a referral for a gynae? i've also got other things unrelated for what i wanted to ask, going to feel like a right hypochondriacht (sp!) if anyone has any idea of what i can ask please let me know! it's next weds, 7th about 4,30 i think... xxx
  • Yes gynae referral unless she can give you a proper answer as too whats going on with these AF's.

    I'll have a think about Q & post back tomz hun xxx
  • Hey Rocky, I would have said that from your post you seem to have had a 35 day cycle, the bleeding in between is unexplained and so is the CBFM highs later on in your cycle??? Hopefully the GP will have some answers for you. I was reading this website because I found out by using CBFM that I ovulate at CD10/11 not 14/15 as I had always thought!! It might help you with your questions for the Dr??? I might be that you ovulated a lot later which is why you got the highs later on??
    I hope you get some answers next week this is sooooo fustrating !! xx
  • I don't really have anything constructive to say either Rocky, but I agree with Laura - don't leave without that referral - nine months is far too long for this to be going on without some investigations getting under way. Good luck for it - make sure you let us know how it goes. xxSara
  • Hi Chick

    Have you thought of anything to ask? I have been thinking all day!! But my brain is mush & not working very well.

    With regards to the AF thing, I would say the length of time you've been ttc in total including the mmc. I'd then ask about the AF's andthe breakthroughs your getting, see about getting either CD2-5 bloods or CD21 bloods. She can either do this herself or refer to a gynae to do, gynae isnt as scary as it sounds hun there just more specialised in this area so may have a little more depth than your GP.

    Write bullet points of things you want to discuss, take a list of your cycles too just incase.

    Hope that helps a bit xxx
  • oh no! not baby brain already!!! lol, no not really, i just want some idea as to what my body's doing! i keep track of all my AF's in my diary so i'll make a note to take my old one for last year along too. i am going to day that i'm worried the tests that were done recentl could be wrong because i had that early bleeding not long after them./

    Have you, or anyone ever mentioned that you use a cbfm to your GP? i worry a bit about what they might think of this... OH and i have a health upsi life anyways so it's not like we just BD at the right time lol. xxxx
  • Rocky I'd have thought that being able to prove that you ARE bd'ing at the right time would only reinforce the need for you to be referred. When my friend was trying to get help she had to prove that they were properly trying (ie tracking ov and acting on it) rather than just having upsi!!
  • oooohhhh m and s thats very helpful, i just worry they'd think i was obsessing and stressing out! which actually i'm not, i'm worried yes and i do SO want this BFP but i'm not stressed about it, not enough for it not to happen bcus of that anyway! xx
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