Happy Easter Lovely Ladies

Hope you are all having a good day with lots of scrummy chocolate xx


  • Happy Easter girlies image

    Hope you have a lovely day filled with love, laughter and chocolate!

    Love MrsH xxx
  • Happy Easter to everyone too. No choccy for me, I started my diet Sat, am following WW again, I sooo wanna get fit and loose some weight!! Zxx
  • Happy Easter everyone, bring on the chocolate!!!
  • I got a lovely surprise this morning, was feeling really down yesterday and woke up in the same awful mood, until hubby woke me up with a Easter Egg hunt, he had hidden 12 of my favourite eggs all around the house and I had o follow clues to find them all...... now I can enjoy eating them. It was a lovely surprise and got me out of a really blue mood!!!!!!

    It really made me realise I have a lot to be happy about!image
  • ahhhh that is so thoughtful and sweet 3054!!!

    enjoy eating them huni xxx
  • hi ya, I kow its a bit late, but didnt get chance to pop on on sunday or monday,

    happy easter to you all too,

    I got 2 easter egss, and my hubbie got t2 as well (but guess who will be eating those!!!)

    3054 - what lovely thoughtful hubby you have - that is so sweet!!!!

    have a lovely week ladies - Ive still got lots of chocolate to eat so I'll be a happy girl all week!!! x
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