Putting off the post mc pg test UPDATE

I was phoned by the epau yesterday as I still haven't done my post mc pg test yet to ensureits gone back to bfn. I just don't want to do it, I dunno if I'm more worried to see that bfn and it being too upsetting or seeing a bfp & knowing my mc isn't over yet ?

I've not bled since sat so was exactly one week of bleeding, hubby & I have decided to ttc again but be relaxed about it (if that's even possible).

Told the epau I'd do the test today & they're gonna ring me to check results but I don't want too!!! Sob!!!!


Well I did the pg test yesterday and it was a bfn, wasnt as upset by it as I thought I would be thankfully. Gonna get back to work next week and try to get some normality back to my day to day life. Still gonna ttc but try to relax about it as much as possible.

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  • I think you have to to make sure everythings gone hun, you're at risk of infection if anything stays behind! I had to do it too. It's horrible i know!

  • hey, i know exactly what you mean, but whther it still says + or - both is bad news in our minds unfrotunately. - cus that really means it is all over and + because we know deep down we're not and it's just our bodies telling us we are. Which ever way it's got to be done for your own safety in a way, if it says + after a certain length of time after mc they'll need to check you out. sorry and i know it's hard but try to think of all the little steps as the next step towards your next bfp! xx
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