Miscarried last month... now late this month is this common?

Hello everyone.. I MC last month in early pregnancy... many told me to wait to ttc. I promised oh I would not pregnancy test early... I am 2 days late and I did pregnancy test yesterday and it was negative image

I did ovulation testing and that caused loads of problems between my oh and I. Sometimes I wish my oh and I were on the same page.. Anyway... I have had some funny pains in my tummy for 3 days now.. (but not cramps) like slight sharp knife like pains.. rather than cramping.. I did Ovulate day 19-20 by the ovulation stick test.... so maybe (fingers crossed) just maybe...trying not to get my hopes up.. but now I am wondering if maybe I am late because of the MC??? I did have a normal period after MC... and now 2 days late ..... trying to stay positive but do not want to upset myself either..


  • Hi there, not sure what to say but didn't want to read and run. I guess our bodies are just all over the place after a mc. Best of luck for a sticky bean sweet. Zxx
  • i agree with zls23.. it could be that your body hast gone back 2 your normal cycle yet??? or on a positive note a pg test myt not have picked up a positive result yet!!! leave it another few days id say... the cramps could either be period pains or body adjusting for a baby??? fingers crossed its a BFP but please dont get your hopes up just yet hun..
  • Thank you.... the dreaded AF arrived today... been a day from hell to start with and now this just topped it all off image :cry:
  • Hi, sorry to hear AF turned up....that dreaded witch eh!! Best of luck for next time, keep up the PMA sweet. Take care. Zxx
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