Faint line! Could I really be pregnant so soon?

Hi girls,it's been exactly 4 weeks today since I losty bean at 8 weeks. For the past week I have been feeling very tired and moody,also been getting cramps as if af will come soon. Last night I took a pg test as I was curious bit didn't read so much into it. They were only cheap ones from eBay.anyway after a few minutes a very faint line appeared. I decided not to beleive until using fmu. I have just done another one and it still has it there. I took a pg test 2weeks after miscarriage and it was negative. What do you think? Xxx


  • Hi
    if the test you did after mc was neg and this is positive I would say yes you are pregnant, and they do say you can catch straight after, I would book in the doctor so he/she can do a blood test for you.
    good luck hope its all good news from now on xx
  • It sounds hopeful and anything is possible. The cheap tests aren't perfect, but a line is a line!

    Personally, after many heart aches, I only consider a BFP as genuine if it is a digital test in black and white!

    I'd do a digi test if it's positive then get yourself down to see your GP and congrats! x
  • Ive just done a CBD Pregnant 1-2 weeks!!!! scared though,doesnt feel real, So is it defo then and not hormones left behind? But i did test negative 2 weeks after miscarriage? xx
  • It sounds like a new pregnancy to me hun!! My tests are negative now and it's only been 2 weeks so i'd say after 4 weeks it's a new beanie imageimageimage

    Lots of love and i really hope it works out fantabulous for you hun!!
  • Hey hun, I had my mc 9 wk's ago on Fri/Sat and I am 7 wks pregnant again this sat, so it is possible you could be preg again if you are getting a faint 2nd line. I would really recommend you do a cbd to get a definate answer.


    Sorry hun, I posted this but didnt read on. I would get yourself down to your Doctors. Big congratulations.


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  • Woooo! Fabulous update!! I'm certain that this is not old hormones. CONGRATULATIONS!! image x
  • Thanks Girls, I becoming a bit mental with testing, I must of POAS about 20 times today. Im very nervous but hope this time everything will be ok. x
  • Yeah!! What fab news for you!!! Have a super summery weekend with your secret bean!
  • sounds good to me hun, good luck.
    I hope this is me in a few weeks. when did you have sex after miscarriage? this is what im trying to figure out, My bleeding has stopped today its day 7, so was going to allow myself another few days and then just try again.

  • Sounds good to me sweet. Congratulations!! Zxx
  • Great news! Congratulations
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