Miracles do happen!x

Morning Ladies
If you were following my thread from last week you will know about the horrendous time I went through, from getting a BFP on the 1st nov , then getting a BFN on the 8th I was all but certain that we had lost our bean again! Going to the doctors was pointless and I was basically told to get on with it, then I got what I thought was pink cm on the 10th and prepared myself for the worst, we were losing our bean and the bleeding would start soon but it never came and I waited and waited and still nothing.
I dont know what made me get another pregnancy test, something inside me just said to and so on saturday morning I nervously waited while the test developed, with my eyes closed I prepared myself for a BFN but as I opened my eyes 2 lines stared back at me! 2 very clear lines!
So I guess our little bean came back fighting, dont know what happened with the BFN last week, maybe a faulty test but I am so happy! I couldnt believe it and just sat on the bathroom floor sobbing.
My boobs have suddenly exploded and feel like Mike Tyson has punched hell out of them.

I just wanted to say a massive thank you to all of you who supported me last week, you were amazing.
I am obviously very scared that things could go wrong so I am going to try and arrange a scan for this week just to put my mind at ease!
And the moral of the story is never give up and never stop believeing because when you think you are at your lowest miracles can happen


  • Oh my god MrsCarter that's such amazing news! I'm so so so happy for you, I've a little tear in my eye as I'm reading this. I really do wish you all the best for your pregnancy and your very feisty little bean. Much love xxxx
  • Oh MrsCarter that is fantastic news, im so happy for you. Please keep us updated, wishing you a Happy & Healthy 9 months.

    Kirsty xx

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  • Really fantastic news matey!!! All the best for the rest of the 9 months!!!

    Jodie xx
  • Hello Mrs Carter - Congratulations, thats great news to start the week! Wishing you a very happy and healthy pregnancy xx
  • Mrs C
    I bloody knew it - Im am so pleased for you - have a tear in my eye for you - its amazing news - lazy little mite giving you a scare like that - what a story to tell them when they are older worrying their poor Mum like that! Im truly over the moon and it couldnt of happened to a nicer lady! XXXXXXXXX
  • Ahhh thanks everyone
    And jls1976 you were the first person I thought of telling LOL! Still can't believe it and I don't think I will rest till I see the ickle heart beat flickering away!
    I will let you know how I get on at the scan.
    Will still be popping back here to see how all you guys are getting on and I really look forward to reading your BFP annoucements
  • you get your feet up and enjoy - I so want to be joining you with the BFP news - should be testing Friday so look out for me! X
  • I will be on here all day friday waiting for your BFP!
    I really hope and pray you get it hun coz you really deserve it
    Extra sticky baby dust just for you


    Sososo happy your bean is holding on in there

    gems xxx
  • Thats great hun - here's hoping beanie doesn't give you any more scares xx
  • oh my god fantastic. am home really late from work so just popped on here super quick to check a couple of threads. Was about to log off then I just noticed the title. am so so pleased for you. You've been on a proper rollercoaster, I hope the rest of it goes smoother for you!!!
  • OMG! mrs.c i am so so very happy for you!!!congrats! deep down i had this feeling about you! will be watching for your scan update *hugs*
  • Congratulations hun, just knew that it was a shy one holding on in there for you. xxxx
  • Wonderful news, a little miracle bean! x
  • That is fantastic news MrsC!! Im so pleased for you!! xx
  • That's so cool!!!!!!
  • Thats brilliant news, congratulations to you!! xxx
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