How long to first AF

Hi I am on cd29or 30 (cant remember) today and wondered when people got their first AF after mc. I found out that I has mmc on 12th Jan and had a ERPC on 13th. My cycles were really irregular prior to my BFP ranging from 30-74 days long! Desperate to get AF so I can start charting properly. Felt bit down the last few days as I have convinced myself its going to be weeks before AF turns up - the year seems to be slipping away!


  • hi muffin

    I can't offer any advice as i'm in the same crappy boat! stuck waiting to see when af turns up. my cycles are long and irregular but before i got my bfp my cycle was about 40 days -so if i'm lucky and its goes back to 'normal' af will be due at the beginning of march. but who knows...........

    I measure my bbt so should have an idea of when af is due, but only after I've ov'd. I'm using cheapy okp but no dark line yet
  • Yep I am in same boat, since having hormone levels monitored by the hosp but am still bleeding a bit after 7 weeks, asked them if it could now be my period but the nurse wasn't too sure, think she was an auxilary.
    Am wondering if it my period now or still the mc bleeding, ringing back for blood results later so maybe I will know more then!
    Sorry can't help more hun xxx
  • Hey Muffin, I'm glad you've asked this as I've been wondeing myself. It's been 28 days since ERPC but only about 20 since BFP. Not sure if cycle starts with ERPC or once hormone levels drop to get BFP...?
  • heya aww i can imagine you guys are very frustrated image (i feel guilty now, as ive had just had AF...feel very lucky!)
    i know uve seen my other thread but i thort i'd reply to you anyway image
    well i miscarried on 26th dec and my period (which is normally a 28 day cycle) came 42 days after that.
    so i guess it just does take abit longer...
    but my bleeding from my mc ended on 13th jan so AF came about 25 days after that...
    i dont know whether u r meant to start counting from the day of the mc, or the day the bleeding stops image
    who knows, but i wish you all luck in seeing AF soon!! xxxxx

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  • Thanks Sian for replying and helping all of us here!! I have had a long cycle (40+) followed by a short cycle (30-34 days) for the last year. So really have no idea when she will show. Bleeding stopped on Jan 29th so have told myself not to stress until it gets to 50 days after then. I also got a BFN the day I stopped bleeding. Ijust want her to come asap!!!
  • Muffin, I got my AF today - think it's 30 days since ERPC.
    I had signs this week, feeling really bloated, had a few twinges and a bit of spotting yesterday. Woke up today to AF in full swing. Was so relieved it took a good 1/2 hour to realise I should be disappointed I'm not pg!
    Hope yours comes soon too. x
  • Hi Muffin my AF came 6 weeks after my mc. I usually have a 4 or max 5 week cycle so a bit longer than usual. I had an early mc and only bled for 5 days. Hope that helps and that your AF shows her face soon.
  • Hi

    Iwas due in August 2010 too. I had my ERPC on 9th Jan and had my 1st AF start on Tuesday (9th Feb). So 30 days since ERPC. Came out of the blue really as had not AF symptoms although my boobs were every so slightly sore. I normally have a 28-32 day cycle. It has not been a good AF. though. Very heavy bleeding for about 2-3 days, and still bleeding a little now.
  • Well i had my miscarriage around 12th dec and i bleed about a month on and off .... then i stopped about for about 26 days and now i think iv just come on my period .

    so maybe a can start trying when i stop bleeding
  • Well AF turned up on Saturday and was really really heavy for three days and now is coming to an end. I was really pleased to see her! Now we can start charting properly! I was on cd 32 taking the 13th Jan as cd 1 when I had my ERPC. CBFM is reset and raring to go!
  • good news muffin! must be a relief to know things are getting back on track- although her timing (over valentines day) leaves alot to be desired!!!

    I'm still waiting for af (rubbish!). If I have a 50 day-ish cycle like before BFP I should ov around this weekend. no positive on opks yet, but i'm not very good at following the instructions properly so don't know how helpful they'll be. wish i'd turned on the CBFM............

    good luck and muchos babydust!
  • We're on the same CD Muffin, I wonder if we'll be ov buddies. I started my CBFM too! Good Luck hun
  • opalfruit sounds good! I usually ovulate around day 20 so we will see! Hope your AF turns up soon littleb! Like opalfruit I was actually quite pleased to see AF I dont think I ovulated last month as I did not get any positives on opks - but this is not unusual for me as I only ovulate every other month! All systems go this month!!!!!!!
  • Yippe! I'm pleased for you it's all back on track! x
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