Now Fabriods.. feel v down

I really need to get this of my chest. Since first AF 24 Nov (after chemical preg) I have been have really bad period pains and back ache. Saw GP on fri who did internal and said as my uterus is swollen, either early preg or fabriods but won't know until my af is due. Normal cyc used to be 29 days but in month of mc it was 38 days so now not sure if period due this Thur or 1st Jan and don't think I ov this month although FRFM said I did (mucus not eggwhite) sorry tmi!

So scared the fabriods may have been cause of chemical preg as read it may affect implantation. My sis also has fabriods and has not been preg in the past 1 1/2 despite no protection.

Just feel so miserable, I'm tired, hungry, headachy, pre-menstral (can't even spell):\(:\(:\(


  • Oh honey what a total nightmare! I really feel for you.

    If it is fabroids what can they do to help you? Perhaps finding out what your options would be would help you deal with it. have a 50/50 chance that you are pregnant! So, although hard, try to stay positive until you know one way or the other. Very easy for me to say I know, and if I were in your position I would be feeling anything but positive.

    I'm going to cross my fingers for you and pray it is good news.

    (not sure whether I have helped, it's very cold in my house at the moment cos the heating hasn't come on yet, so my brain is a little bit scrambled)
  • Thanks moonandstars, feel much more positive today. Can't wait to test end of month and if no bfp will be insisting on scan.

    How you doing?
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