Help Please!!! Back from docs

Morning ladies

Im on CD3 2nd AF since the last mmc in Aug. Yesterday night I had awful AF pain if I was too put the pain on a scale I would say it was as bad as the 1st mmc we had in Jan when I was having contractions & flooding!!! I've been taking feminax for pain releif which had helped but last night from about 7pm it didnt matter what I done to try & releive the pain I just couldnt get comfortable had a hot water bottle, pain killers, hot bath, another water bottle. Oh was out so ended up on the phone to my mum in tears as the pain was excrutiating & I was actually throwing up from the pain I think. Anyway oh got home & from about 12pm it started to ease up & I managed to go to sleep then when I got up & went to the loo I had this urge to push down which is what I was getting last night (sorrytmi but felt like my whole underneath was gona fall out) and I passed a big piece of tissue I wouldnt call it a blod clot as (sorry tmi again) even though it's bloodied you can actually see the flesh coloured texture to it!!! Sorry I know that's disgusting being so graphic. I've rang my surgery but my usual GP is not available today & thee are just locums so I then rang my gynae to speak to someone in the RM clinic but there are no docs available today she went through my whole history since last mmc & asked that I see my GP tomorrow & get them to write an urgent letter & to speak to the registrat for me to be scanned urgently.

I know that hopefully I will be able to see/speak to someone tomorrow but im really worried now about what this is & why it was so bad & what this tissue is that I have passed!!!

Sory it's so long ladies but most of you know what I have been through this year & now I feel like what if something is wrong with me!!! xx


Back from my GP she was really lovely & we had a long chat. She has sent the tissue off for histology as she could clearly see that it wasnt just a blod clot, she said the reason I was in so much pain & throwing up was that my cervix wouldve been contracting to expel it which she said is very painful & no amount of hotwater bottles or over the counter painkillers would've helped, which I know from the 1st mmc.

She's not sure what it is & said that it would be strange for it to be left over tissue from the pg as that was so long ago & i've since been scanned & they didnt find anything, she wonders wether it could be a piece of scar tissue that has come away as im on my period, which worry's me slightly as I have a history of endometriosis so I hope it's not back however most of the scar tissue was on my tube when I last had a lap or lastly wether my uterus is a bit imflammed & sore still from all the trauma it's been through!!.

She's faxed a referal to epau & said that even though im not pg they should still see me as it's a womans clinic as well & that im under consultant so just have to wait for them to call, probably wont get an appt till next week but just want to know that there is nothing untoward going on inside!!.

Thanks ladies as always knew I could count on you all for support, only thing is now it's got me re-thinking our ttc status as to wether we should wait again she thinks that it would maybe be a good idea to give my body a little longer to recover!!!.xxxx

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  • Oh honey how awful for you!

    I don't really have any wise words to give you, just lots of interweb hugs. Keep pestering those doctors to make sure you get seen as soon as possible.

    How is the pain now? Make sure you take it easy today, cuddle up with Roxy and watch trashy tv.

    I'll be thinking of you today - make sure you lean on us today.


  • oh hun, has the pain eased? sorry don't have any advice just that my thoughts are with you.
  • Laujai, i don't know what your going through, but maybe you should seek medical attention from your local A&E department? That sounds awful, poor you sweetie.

    Please take care xxxxxxxxxxx
  • Laujai,
    That sound awful.
    Hope the pain has eased.
    You definately need to be seen urgently.
    I would go to the Dr or hospital to get checked out.
    How are you feeling now?
    I also had dreadful pain with my mmc and the gushing and the urge to push like you said!! Crazy isn't it. You must be so worried to have it again after everything had settled down. Could anything have been left from mc?
    Hope you get seen soon so you can find out what has happened.
    Hope you feel much better hun.
    Nettie x
  • You poor poor thing.

    To be honest I would go staright to your EPU and not even bother with your GP.

    You are going to be worried and hoping you don't have the same tonight? Have you kept what you passed so they can test it? I would have thought the fresher they have it the better and need to scan you asap to see what it was.

    When I used to go on ectopic web site the nurse on there said if on the pain scale was between 8-10 and paracetamol didn't sort it you should go to hospital.

    I know it's awful when you feel like crap to put up a fight, I know I just couldn't do it. Hand over to hubby and get him to sort them out.

    Big hugs x x x
  • Thanks ladies,

    I dont think it could be mc tissue as I had erpc end of aug & this is my 2nd AF since. Also cause I have been scanned twice since then & they couldnt see anything apart from that vascular area in the womb. The pain has eased it's still there but not as bad as last night but since I have passed this (i have kept it) I have been bleeding more than I was before passing it.

    I know I wasnt pg as my cycle was my normal 32 days but the pain just reminded me of what I had when we 1st mmc.

    I will see how I go & if it gets worse I'll nip down to A&E.

    Thanks girls, by the way my little roxy has been good as oh was out at the footie last night she could tell I wasnt feeling well & just played by herself & then jumped up on the sofa with me fell asleep nxt to me bless her!! xx
  • only just seen this! how awful for you ((((((hugs))))))) glad u kept it - not often the first thing we think of but v wise! i think you shoudl hassle them too! for your own piece of mind at least! i had an aF after my mmc but then after during the next cycle i passed something, not sure if you remember, but ws right in the middle of my cycle, luckily no pain or bleeding, but i wish i'd kept it to have it tested just to know! though i'm pretty sure it was an old piece of lining, jus proves that AF doesn't clear everyhting though.. xx
  • Hi Laujai

    So sorry to hear this - I've nothing constructive to add I'm afraid, but really hope you're feeling better and you manage to get seen by the doctor soon.

  • Hi luvvie

    I hope that you are feeling better tonight and hope that you can speak to a Dr soon.

    Jodie xx
  • I'm so sorry Laujai. I agree it's good that you kept the tissue. I also agree that maybe just go straight to EPU, or ring them up directly anyway. I don't think they'd turn you away. Take care x x x
  • Thanks ladies i've got a doc appt today so will see what she says.

    Rocky I remember you had something too, was it similar to this?? (I can only describe it as a chunk of flesh YUK!!!)
  • Hey hun just seen this post, hope it all goes well with the docs today keep us in forormed....what time is your appointment i have my fingers crossed all is okay xxxxx
  • hey hunni, glad they're goin to get u scanned and it tested. No it has hard and dark at felt quite spongy but it looked brown with red bits and it had an almost stringy texture... sorry , far too much tmi! it almost resembled a cheese string... :-S xx
  • Thanks Rocky.

    Dont worry about the tmi hun used to it now!!! PMSL at cheese string, sorry!!

    It's a joke really isnt it I almost feel like I want them to just arrange this hysteroscopy asap so they see exactly what the hell is goin on in there!!!

    Glad I saw gp tho she was able to clarify the tests, results & one's im having re-done that I didnt understand. xx
  • Hi Laura

    Just g/c'ing and saw this and wanted to say I'm so sorry you're going through even more crap. It's just not fair.

    I hope you get some answers soon and are feeling better.

    Sending lots of ((((((hugs)))))

    Love NN xxx
  • hi Laujai,

    glad you've been to the doctors. Your gp sounds really nice and atually listens to what you say. (mine is c rap!)

    Hope you're not in anymore pain, and I hope you get your appt asap

    x x x
  • Thanks NN appreciate your post hun, think im just gona give up for now enjoy christmas & then fingers crossed 2010 is a better year.

    Last week was having my usual nose in Jan saw a recent bump pic of yours, your little princess looks like she has grown looking at your bump, it's so neat & tidy hun. xxx
  • Hi luvvie - glad your dr was nice and has been helpful. I hope you get your scan soon, given what you have been through this year i think that you are an amazing person and you always have something positive and helpful to say to others, and i know 2010 will be the year for you!!

    Jodie xx
  • Gosh you really are going through the mill, bless your cottons. I hope the results come back quickly and show that it is nothing sinister.
  • Hi laujai, Just seen your post. Poor you What a hellish time youve had. Not much i can say hunni but didnt want to read an run and you are so lovely and understanding to everyone when your having a crappy time.Hope you get results quickly and its nothing to worry about. Take care and know we,re all thinking of you x x x
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