Got My :\)

Hi Ladies, OK well I know I said I wouldn't use any ovulation tests or anything this time around, but seeing as I had a few left from last time(!), we tested on Thur, it was neg, so did it again yesterday and got our :\)

Its great, as I know I am def ovulating, tho kinda had an idea I was anyway.

I had my ERPC just over 6 weeks ago, 1st AF was 2 weeks ago, so its smack bang in the middle of my normal 28-29 day cycle, so hopefully things returning to normal.

Strangely enough, last time we tested twice with the ov kit and then fell pregnant, which was quite quick really, as I had only been off the pill for 4 months. plenty of BDing for us this weekend! image

Love & LIght. Zoe xx


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