Going To Doctors This Morning :)

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Hope Your All Ok!

Ok so my BFP stil hasnt sunk in!! going to doctors at half 9 and going to ask her to take my bloods to check my levels are rising and il ask her to do another test lol!!!! going to do a CBD again tomorow morning and im hoping its changed to pregnant 2-3... think i ovulated around the 18th 19th so think it would only make me 2 weeks pregnant but doctors work it out to be 3-4 weeks!!! im defo staying around in here for a long time yet cos its stil very early and you ladies have been my rocks after the past couple months and im really praying youl all have ypur BFPS soon!!!!! imageimage

Il Let You Know How It Went 2day!
Lots love Claire xxx


  • Hi Claire, how did you get on? Ok I hope. Zxx
  • ahhhh!! omg i have only just read this!
    cant believe u got ur BFP!! so happy for you! when do u think it will be due??
    im kinda sad we havnt got ours together i would have liked to be due in the same month image
    how did the appointment go??
  • well... doctor couldnt really do much as i told him everything and he said its likely that AF isnt due till thursday so ive tested too early! took another CBD 2day and still says 1-2 so im going to do another one on friday cos IT SHOULD BE 2-3 BY THEN! if its not then its not looking good... he took my bloods though so i get my results back on thursday morning! hopefuly my levels are rising!! its been 4 weeks since AF but i dont think i ovulated till around the 19th 20th which would make me 2 weeks pregnant but doctors make it 4 weeks!! so confusin!!!.... if i was 2 weeks though then surely the CBD would say 2-3 by now... im trying not 2 worry myself!! xxx
  • Hi hun so glad you got your BFP, have been watching out to see if you had or not image
    Lots of congratulations image
    Well im sure if its showing preg on a CBD then you must be.
    4 weeks would be right cause you count it from the first day of your last cycle, when were you due AF?
    Dont worry you will be fine hun xxxx
  • they dont start counting from your ov dates but from the date of your last AF (the FIRST day you start bleeding) and also if you look on the back of the CBD packet or in the instructions it does give you the number of wks a gp will class you as against what the CBD says. xx
  • well if i was back to my 28 day cycle then i would have been due AF last thursday but if its a 35 day like my 1st was after MC then it would be due thursday just coming... i reckon i was a 35 day cycle this month otherwise i would have ovulated earlier and CBD would be more than 1-2... cant wait till thursday morning to get my results!!! very scared though im actuali praying every night!! xx
  • and the results aaaaaaaareeee.????
  • well im pregnant! wich i knew lol!
    every tuesday im going to have blood tests and the results come in on the thursday... so tuesday im at doctors again and thursday il know if there rising.. he said there stil low cos its early but next week they should be much higher!... he reckons i should have gone back to my 28 day cycle which would make me 5 weeks pregnant but i think i ovulated late this month!! around the 20th!!! so im really confused.. hes put me down for 5 weeks anyways!... thanks for asking sian! image xxx
  • Sorry, i'm new over here unfortunately but i'm so glad to see you got your BFP quickly. I'm still m/c'ing at the minute but i hope to fall pg again ASAP!

    Hope all goes well for you hun, try not to worry too much! (I know i should practice what i preach...)

  • aww im sorry to hear hun! u are more fertile after miscarriage so if you want to try again then id say wait one period then go for it! image i wish u luck hun! it does get easier i promise xx
  • yey really glad things are going well!!
    my next testing day is 2nd of june, hopefully i will get BFP but knowing my luck prob not!
  • 5 weeks already well done lol the doc put me one week ahead then what i thought like cuz of AF lol! Ill be in DIJ soon just waiting for 6 weeks image xxx
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