Hi girls

The April thread has dropped back a few pages so I hope Rocky doesn't mind that I thought I would start a May TTC thread!

I've just logged on again after MC in January and missing out in April, so am hoping for some testin buddies and lots of PMA for this month. I have been feeling very odd for a few days, funny taste in my mouth which comes and goes, and craving anything sweet or salty. I'm hoping it's not all in my head :0(

So here goes:

Babysteps - testing May 22nd (unless she sneakily tests beforehand)

Anyone else like to join me?

BS xx

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  • heya,
    well since my mc at xmas my cycles have been an average of 40 days instead of my usual 28! which means i dont actually have a testing day this month, i'll be testing on 2nd June, but you could put me down anyway?? lol.
    hope we get lots of BFPs again this month!
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